With a career spanning 25 years Maria is an expert in marketing, branding, communications and internal engagement. If you can read it, eat it, drink it, fly in it or watch it, she has probably worked on it!
She has helped to grow some of Australia’s most loved brands including, Arnott’s, Latina Pasta, Old El Paso, Betty Crocker, Lavazza, Cadbury, a2 Dairy and Optus to name a few.
Her other passion has always been to help people, something shared by her family when they started Gabriel. With a shared vision to make it easier for everyone in the world to live better for longer.
Three factors stop our Seniors living better for longer – social isolation, falls and medication management. The Gabriel suite of products use human centred design and artificial intelligence to address all three, it is the world’s only complete seniors longevity focused platform.
With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Honolulu and San Francisco our team of developers create products that make a difference both at home, hospitals, in aged care and assisted living developments

Day 2, 12:00pm – 12:30pm – AI in Aged Care: Myth or Reality?