Maria Scott

Day 3, 12:00pm – 12:30pm – It Takes a Village – Riverwood North Seniors Living Social

Maria Scott has over 30 years of marketing, public relations and communications experience over three continents and has been responsible for conceiving and managing strategic and well-executed marketing campaigns in Australia, the US and the Asia-Pacific region for a range of corporate clients.
Maria has successfully run her own business for over 17 years and is now a freelance executive with Paynter Dixon. She has undertaken assignments for a number of companies across various market sectors including property, legal, financial, medical, insurance, technology, telecommunications, government and private organisations.
In 2015, Maria was recognised by the Urban Development Institute of Australia for Excellence in Marketing in the property sector.
Maria is a current Board member of Adele House and Peer Support Australia, and she is involved in Rotary International. She was previously a board member of the Property Industry Foundation Ball Committee, a charity that builds homes for Kids at Risk.

This innovative public-private partnership is between PAYCE, a private residential developer, the NSW Government, and St George Community Housing a community housing provider, involving the urban renewal of part of an existing social housing estate at Riverwood in South West Sydney.
Now known as Washington Park, this community represents the first integration of broad-scale social and private medium density development in NSW. The collaboration represents more than just the integration of buildings; it focuses heavily on the successful social integration through a new participation model. The project also involves the collaboration with local government and PAYCE in delivering a new senior citizens centre and community library which will become the focal point of the development.
The project objectives include:
• Create a new liveable, socially integrated residential community for seniors and private residential
• Create a strong sense of place and community
• Be a showcase of urban design, social inclusion and community participation
The first 123 new seniors living units, in two buildings, have been delivered and are currently occupied by residents under the management of St George Community Housing.
The units have been designed in accordance with the Housing NSW Design Requirements, which includes appropriate environmentally sensitive and low energy design solutions and have also been designed to meet the requirements of seniors living, accessibility and level access to nearby public transport and community facilities.
The overall design creates a liveable integrated residential community, which does not discriminate between the appearance of social and private housing. The Concept Plan incorporates increased open space, including the creation of a new community Garden Plaza. Adjacent to this hub is a new Community Library and Senior Citizens Centre.
The community renewal plan focused on social inclusion and participation and has led to a number of innovative social programs.
The residents have formed an advocacy group – “ROAR’ – Residents Organisation at Riverwood, which supports a senior’s choir, community garden, numerous social activities (bingo, chess, tai chi, etc) but above all each other. The age range is 50 – 100 and most of the residents are vulnerable members of society. This community embodies the philosophy of ‘I connect to you, you connect to me, we connect to them and they connect to us’ through being brought together not only in the built environment, but through achieving positive change for not only their lives, but the lives of every resident at Washington Park.