Uniting Communities has embarked on a bold new property development. It has built an 18 storey building in the CBD of Adelaide. The new building consists of a mix use development. Such a development has never been tried before. The building consists of a combination of retail, commercial leases, social services offices, function centre, disability accommodation and a retirement village on the top. The retirement village is made up of over 15 different floor plans with apartments regarding from 1-3 bedrooms – 41 in total.
The presentation will cover the journey and the challenges regarding a new vertical retirement village in the CBD. It will cover the design process, the sales process and the activation of the village. What were the challenges faced, what worked, what did not work and what we learnt along the way? It is so much more than just a building – it is a community within a community.
Uniting Communities works across South Australia through more than 90 community service programs, including: aged care, disability, youth services, homelessness intervention, foster care and family counselling. Our team of staff and volunteers support and engage with more than 30,000 South Australians each year. We strive to build strong and supportive communities, and help people realise their potential and live the best life they can. We have a long history providing services to South Australians since 1901. We are a social services organisation not known for property development so it has been an interesting journey for us to embark upon.

Mel Ottaway

Day 3, 11:00am – 11:30am – Brilliance or insanity – a radical mixed development in the CBD.

With over 20 years’ experience in the aged care sector, Mel Ottaway has helped to build and strengthen Uniting Communities’ commitment to older people. She is supporting the delivery of a seamless service offering to a wider range of people, supporting them to live well at home or in residential care. She currently is the Executive Manager Aged Care at Uniting Community in South Australia responsible for the ageing portfolio. She has a Bachelor and Masters of Nursing and an MBA and is on various industry committees and boards committed to building and strengthening the service sector.