Miranda starke, Head of the Plug - in, COTA SA

We all know that Aged Care clients are more than just a number and success in the sector is built on high quality personal relationships. Understanding the consumer experience is an essential priority for aged care providers. Analysing aggregate data is a reliable way to detect trends, patterns and modes of consumer behaviour but it can’t tell the full story – it takes qualitative research and person-to-person conversations to really understand consumers.
The Plug-in is COTA SA’s social enterprise and market insights operation that connects older people with business, industry and researchers to generate insights that improve products, services and policies for the growing 50+ market. In this presentation, Head of The Plug-in, Miranda Starke, will take you through some case study examples to reveal how qualitative data can add depth and meaning to any quantitative analysis in the Aged Care sector, and bring the consumer experience to life.

Day 3, 11:30am – 12:00pm – Not just a number: the value of qualitative research in engaging consumers


Miranda is Head of The Plug-in, COTA SA’s social enterprise and specialist market insights operation which connects older people with business, industry and researchers using qualitative research and co-design methods. The Plug-in has delivered consumer insights for clients including Australian Aged Care Quality Agency, University of Adelaide Nursing School, Centre for Research Excellence into Frailty & Healthy Ageing, ACH Group, Kalyra Communities and others. Miranda has a Master of Marketing and 16 years of experience as a senior marketing and engagement specialist in not for profit organisations with diverse stakeholder communities.