One Size DOES NOT Fit All: Putting the Consumer at the Heart of the Medication Journey

Day 2, 11:00am – 11:30am – One Size DOES NOT Fit All: Putting the Consumer at the Heart of the Medication Journey

Ward Medication Management has specialised in Medication Management Review and Quality Use of Medicines services for more than 20 years. Over 34,000 residents are currently in our care.
Join us as we take you through a full care journey, underpinned by: collaboration across health care professionals, continuity of care, commitment to best possible outcomes for the individual and reflecting the naturally occurring levels of complexity across the ageing demographic.
The risk associated with medications is huge; we’re poised with a solution that advocates a person-centred model of care that’s as unique to Betty, as it is to Bob, Beryl and Bernie.
As an organisation independent of the aged care provider, the supply pharmacy, pharmaceutical manufacturers and the GP/Specialist, our brilliant team of medication specialists are well positioned to ensure your residents and consumers not only get the most from their medications, they Thrive

Dr Natalie Soulsby,
Head of Clinical Development,

Dr Natalie Soulsby

Winner of the AACP Consultant Pharmacist of the Year 2017 and the 2017 South Australian Pharmacist of the Year award, Dr. Soulsby is unwavering in her dedication to innovation through education. She is a teacher of pharmacy students, a trainer of pharmacists, an SHPA Clinical Pharmacy Seminar author and tutor, and the author of a series published in the Australian Pharmacist to provide guidance on laboratory investigations. Dr. Soulsby is passionate about building the clinical knowledge and skills of healthcare practitioners, rationalising prescriptions, particularly for the elderly, and improving the future of medication management. She is also a food and wine aficionado and Liverpool Football Club supporter

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