Connecting with the conference’s theme of ‘Better Ageing Futures’ this oral presentation aims to discuss the practical relationship between a provider’s philosophy of care and the design of the built environment for the people they serve. We draw directly from our own experience in the design of residential ‘high care’ facilities as case studies; but with wider implications for other care settings.
How will our elders live in future? How do we design to provide for dignity, choice and happiness as we get older? How does that correspond to clinical and allied care services to support that?
Fundamentally, where is aged care design going? What will we be building in ten years?
With a play on words, we address the fact that Joy is an essential emotional aspect of healthy existence, but also a real person with her own story and history. We go on to try and quantify the elements of joy.
We touch on the design problems posed by loss of agency, depression and dementia. While service models are well intentioned, in practical terms they often manifest as risk-averse and quietly patronising attitudes.
In supporting Joy, we expand on three fundamental ideas worth fighting for, we’ve labelled-
• the blurry edge
• home not hospital
• choice and ‘dignity of risk’
We conclude by tying the building and service design themes together, considering environmental design as a possible threat of restraint, or a facilitator of dignity and choice.

Ryan Loveday

Ryan is a Director of Fulton Trotter Architects. Established in 1946, today they are a practice of about 60 staff with offices in Brisbane and Sydney.
The firm’s unapologetic aim is to be one of the country’s leading practices specialising in community architecture.
Ryan is a practical working architect, running a small team to deliver a range of education, health, aged care and cultural projects.
His skills and background have their grounding as a technical architect with a reputation for resolving complex institutional projects. But with that experience has come a sense of the bigger human issues at stake in our communities, leading to a growing conviction as designer, writer, educator and speaker.

Day 3, 11:30am – 12:00pm – Making a Place for Joy…How the design of the built environment contributes to personal happiness, in aged care and everywhere.