Topic: ‘‘It’s all about equity: creating ELDAC webpages to highlight diversity for Australia’s aged care and palliative care workforce’

Day: Thursday 22 October 2020

Time:  3:30pm-4:00pm AEDT


Australia’s ageing population is diverse in many respects, including culture and language, gender and sexuality, socio-economic background, religion and spirituality, geographic location and life experiences. As our population ages, palliative care demand will grow and care and support at the end of life will need to reflect the person’s preferences based on background and identity.

End of Life Directions for Aged Care (ELDAC) is a project concerned with quality care for older Australians at the end of life. It provides the aged care workforce with palliative care and advance care planning information and services. This presentation concerns the development of ELDAC webpages addressing population diversity and aged care and end of life care considerations. The webpages acknowledge the importance of diversity in aged care and end of life settings, inform aged care staff about issues which may be relevant to the older Australians they care for, and provide relevant information and resources to assist with practice. Creating such information for aged care staff and services is important in realising health equity across the population, and ultimately contributing to enhanced end of life care for all Australians.

Equitable access and support to all older Australians is an Australian Government priority, however, there are currently gaps in provision and use of appropriate aged care and palliative care services across the community. Older people with diverse needs can have challenging experiences in accessing culturally appropriate and safe care. The need for diversity inclusive care and services is increasing. The Aged Care Diversity Framework and the Aged Care Quality Standards stipulate that older Australians with different care needs and life experiences should be able to access respectful, appropriate, fair, inclusive and sensitive care. Quality care ensures that the dignity and human rights of each older Australian are embraced, and the characteristics and life experiences which influence care and wellbeing are considered. Providing accessible and relevant information and resources can assist in cultivating an awareness of, and an appreciation and respect for, diversity and facilitate person-centred care to all older Australians within a consumer directed care model.

A suite of webpages on diversity have been developed for the ELDAC website. Their aim is to increase awareness of population diversity and implications for aged care and palliative care. An overview of the pages, the process for their development and their reach and use will be presented.

ELDAC is funded by the Department of Health.





Dr Georgia Rowley is a qualitative social health researcher interested in social determinants of health, health inequities, vulnerable populations, and cross-cultural methodologies. She completed her Psychology Honours and PhD at Flinders University and is a Research Associate on the ELDAC project, focusing on death, dying, and palliative care. She is interested in conducting meaningful and engaging research with populations who are routinely excluded from mainstream research, including CALD, non-English speaking and rural communities. Her PhD explored widowhood and well-being from a social determinants of health perspective, concentrating specifically on older Greeks in rural and urban SA. In this study, Georgia conducted qualitative interviews in Greek to be inclusive of individuals who had previously not been afforded a ‘voice’ in academic research, before translating data to English for wider dissemination. She has published papers, blogs and poetry, taught qualitative research methods workshops and often peer reviews ethics applications and journal articles.