Topic: Data warehousing as an alternative to integrate disparate systems

Day: Thursday 22 October 2020

Time:  1:30pm-1:50pm AEDT


The pandemic, along with financial and sector pressures that pre-dated COVID-19, means that it is now more important than ever for aged care providers to strengthen their business systems and information so that decision making can be more agile. But for many providers, business improvement and systems implementation projects have been put on hold, meaning legacy issues around reporting – such as disparate systems and double-handling of data – is an ongoing challenge.
Trying to operate across many disparate systems weakens visibility of financial performance and whole-of-organisation reporting. And as such, management teams miss opportunities for improvement and strategic decision making.
Given the significant investments, resources and time needed to replace systems, data warehousing is an effective solution for integrating disparate systems for holistic reporting. A data warehouse is a central repository for an organisation’s data, connecting different systems to form a single source of truth for organisational performance – financial, operational, or clinical.
Join Bentleys’ Hasi Samaratunga to learn how data warehousing can benefit your organisation. Hear a case study about an aged care provider who has integrated clinical, payroll, financial and compliance systems to streamline reporting. Find out how similar techniques have helped develop an aged care sector research tool at scale to explore 3000+ residential aged care service providers across Australia, macro and micro economic factors and other influences of service demands.


Hasi is part of the Innovation, Technology and Strategic Advisory (ITSA) team at Bentleys, Queensland. His focus is to translate business needs into innovative technology solutions that will provide clients with advice and expertise to improve business efficiency and bottom line performance. He is also engaged by various organisations for process improvements and business intelligent reporting for strategic decision making.

Hasi has led various initiatives within the aged care sector, including the Bentleys Aged Care Technology and Innovation Maturity Assessments (ACTIMA), customer endorsement programs with Net Promoter Scores (NPS) for aged care providers, and the Aged Care Census and Environment Scan at Scale (ACCESS). Together with the Bentleys expertise, he is looking to support aged care providers in minimising costs, adherence to compliance and driving growth with practical solutions.