Topic: Do you want a MAGIC Workplace?

Day: Wednesday 14 October 2020

Time: 1:30pm-1:50pm AEDT


Providing quality aged care which enables individuals to age with dignity and meaning, requires a highly engaged workforce. Research shows an engaged workforce is more productive, has less absenteeism, provides higher quality services and attracts and retains talented people.

Engagement surveys are all very well, but what do organisation do with the results? And how do they drive change?

Using the MAGIC approach to employee engagement, Jayne Griffiths has developed an insightful approach to employee engagement which enables organisations to identify where they need to focus their efforts.

What does MAGIC stand for?

These five factors are the key drivers of employee engagement in an organisation.
Jayne will delve into each of them and provide examples to bring them to life, and illustrate how organisations can develop these five factors within the context of Aged Care and the Quality Standards.

Using a case study of an organisation which had low levels of employee engagement and low levels of trust, Jayne will discuss how this approach enabled the new CEO to target their efforts and build a sustainable and thriving workplace culture for the future.


With a background in HR, Business and Leadership Coaching, Jayne joined the Above & Beyond Group in 2018. Jayne is passionate about employee engagement and people development, and was part of a small group of performance coaches that developed CILCA. She is an accredited practitioner in CILCA, DiSC and The Leadership Circle.

Jayne provides services to a number of Aged Care Providers in Australia, including workforce advice, diagnostic assessments, team development and leadership coaching. Jayne is one of the few HR practitioners who understands and enjoys strategic workforce planning, helping organisations to future-proof their organisation and develop their workforce capability and capacity.