Topic: ‘Going paperless in aged care – transform maintenance and asset management

Day: Thursday 22 October 2020

Time:  3:30pm-4:00pm AEDT


Title: Going paperless in aged care – transform maintenance and asset management
In a compliance heavy industry like aged care, the paper trail can seem impossible to avoid. As well as the environmental impact, the benefits of going paperless extend to efficiency, ease of information, searchable and usable data, enhanced quality and improved data security. In amongst the service reports, work orders and performance history of assets there lies valuable data that could drive everyday decisions around repair vs replacement, asset life cycling and budgeting. If only that data could be searched, accessed and reported at each level – Provider, Facility, asset type and of course individual asset.
As a society we embrace real time communication and collaboration in so many areas. But despite the breakthroughs and disruptive technology arising in the field of maintenance, information management and communication within maintenance teams is still messy. Often poor maintenance results are not the result of technical inability but rather poor communication and resource management.
Today, the main contributor to poor communication within maintenance teams is still paper. By using paper to manage maintenance operations there is a huge administrative burden on your maintenance and admin staff.
Besides paper, the lack of a central information repository also hampers communication. Instead of organizing information in a single platform where all data can be related and connected, it gets lost within paper, emails and phone calls.
Explore the process of developing a paperless maintenance system. From asset tagging, digital photos, electronic filing and integrated request system.
When any work is undertaken on an asset, track how that asset is performing and assess the viability of the item including assessing the life cycle, cost of maintenance and the return on upgrading equipment. Utilise the data observed and collected directly from first-hand experience.
Add to this valuable information and efficiency a system that allows accreditation compliance, continuous improvement and WHS assurance across all elements of property and asset management. Saving paper will be merely an added bonus of a paperless CMMS.





Jess Johnson is the Account Director for MDFM. With a background in Actuarial Studies and a graduate of the AICD, Jess brings risk analysis skills to MDFM’s extensive experience in aged care maintenance and facilities management. MDFM’s mission is to facilitate a compliant and efficient service environment where Residents, Staff and Visitors are safe, comfortable and productive.
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Jess is an experienced speaker and has presented at many conferences and webinars.