Topic: The skill / will matrix: practical uses from the field

Day: Wednesday 14 October

Time:  3:30pm-4:00pm AEDT


We are all experiencing the same pressures to recruit, retain and develop the best staff, in an increasingly competitive labour market. COVID-19 has added further complications to an already difficult and crucial part of our businesses.

The aim of this workshop is to provide participants with some simple, powerful tools you can use immediately in your workplace to make staff appraisals and workforce development more focused and useful.

You may already be familiar with the ‘skill / will’ matrix as a way of charting an individual’s ability and motivation to perform in a role. This workshop will discuss how ECHO has used the matrix to successfully support cultural change, and the lessons we learned along the way.

You will be invited to work through an example, using the matrix to make an initial assessment of a group of staff within your organisation, and discuss how this can inform strategies to improve performance. You will also receive an Excel spreadsheet to generate a more advanced version of the matrix to use for tracking your own performance appraisals and workforce development.

The interactive session will draw on the knowledge and experience of participants to answer questions, and create an engaging experience.





Jonathan Smith is CEO of ECHO Community Services and has wide ranging management and consulting experience in community, commercial and government sectors. He has held several roles on community sector and for-profit boards and management committees, including Chair of Phoenix Support & Advocacy Service Board, Chair of the WA Committee of the Social Impact Measurement Network Australia, Vice-Chair of the WA Committee for White Ribbon, Executive Director of ANSON Management Consulting, and Board member of WA Council of Social Service and the Patricia Giles Centre. Jonathan’s qualifications include MBA (dux), Graduate Certificate in Management (dux) and BA(Hons) in English and Fine Art. He is also a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. For more information, see: or