Topic: How home care software transformed the way our care givers work – a home care provider’s experience

Day: Thursday 15 October

Time:  3:30pm-4:00pm AEDT


Busi Faulkner, a registered nurse and owner of Home Care Nurses Australia talks to Josh Hough from CareLineLive about her business’s experience of onboarding CareLineLive’s home care management software. Using the software has helped support her care givers and made her home care business more productive, cost effective, and efficient as you can operate from anywhere.
Home Care Nurses Australia is a leading provider of person-centred home care in South East Queensland providing a full range of home care services from complex disability care to supported independent living to community nursing and Allied Health professional services. They have 170 care givers and 20 operating supported independent living houses. CareLineLive are a leading home care management software provider to home care providers in both Australia and the UK.
During the session, Busi will highlight their main reasons for choosing home care management software, the onboarding/training process, and any particular challenges they have faced. She will discuss the benefits to her managers, care givers, clients, and how it keeps family up to date about their loved one’s care and how it has benefited all users during Covid-19.
She will talk about how the three parts of the software work together: The Management Platform, the Carer Companion mobile app and the Family & Friends Portal. The session will cover how software has transformed the way they manage their care givers, plan their rosters and how other key processes have been digitised, such as invoicing and payroll.
Busi will discuss how they can provide person-centred care using real-time information provided through the Carer Companion mobile app and how it has enhanced communication between her care givers and managers.
Busi will also chat about how eMAR (electronic Medication Administration Record) has enabled her care givers to provide more responsive, safe care and how compliance/reporting requirements can be met using the software. This part of the session will give a background on how eMAR can easily be set up, how it works, what information can be recorded and how alerts can help ensure that certain situations can be acted on quickly.
The session will allow Busi to highlight the main software features that save her business time and make her team more productive, reducing administration and delivering more time to care.
The session will also offer the opportunity to discuss thoughts on further developments needed in relation to home care software.





Josh Hough is MD of CareLineLive, cloud-based home care management software that digitises workflows, enables home care providers to become more efficient and deliver better care. His passion for delivering outstanding care through home care software is immeasurable. He is an award-winning entrepreneur and alumni of Saïd Business School from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Programme.