Topic: Governance on the ground

Day: Wednesday 21 October 2020

Time:  1:30pm-1:50pm AEDT


Good governance recognises that the health system is a dynamic, adaptive collection of interrelated and interdependent components, including people and processes, with a common purpose or aim. The clinical, consumer, performance and risk management information, data and analysis is a critical component to enable effective governance. Clinicians and operational managers play an important, but often not well understood, role in this.

Clinicians and staff at the front line want to do a good job, a job that centres on care and service provision. Governance matters are often seen as an imposition, resulting in a rudimentary collation and analysis so they can return to their real work. This becomes a lost opportunity, an opportunity to improve consumer outcomes, address risk factors, support effective communication and engagement and ultimately enable sound Governance activities.

Understanding what information is required and how to capture it is just the first step. Creating a program that describes not only what is required, but more critically, how to analyse, understand and use the information to enable sound clinical governance is essential. This ensures a valued experience for consumers, clinical and organisational risk management, enhanced organisation reputation and supports effective governance outcomes.

This presentation will provide guidance for organisations to consider and assess their current Clinical Governance Framework and determine the effectiveness in the contribution to sound organisational governance.




Judi is a Registered Nurse with more than 25 years’ experience in aged care services across clinical, quality and executive roles in Australia and New Zealand.

She has extensive experience in the review and evaluation of clinical and business risks, quality management systems, service provision, and consumer experience. Using this comprehensive experience and knowledge, Judi is able to identify opportunities for improvement and facilitate innovative thinking, enabling organisations to create a vision for the future and accomplish their strategic goals in the aged care environment.

With her experience in operational strategy and change management, Judi has held key roles in advising providers on governance, quality and compliance.

Utilising her practical experience of managing aged care facilities and portfolios, Judi has been responsible for many greenfield and brownfield developments, advising on contemporary models of care, staffing models and the built form, all to enhance the consumer experience.