Topic: The future of ageing is an amazing living and wellbeing experience.

Day: Friday 23 October 2020

Time: 1:00pm-1:30pm AESDT


If we are thinking outside-the-box, debating ideas, chasing innovation, and approaching ageing holistically – why are we limiting an amazing experience to ‘ageing’? Why not expand our thinking to consider an amazing ‘living and wellbeing’ experience where services are focused around ability and maturity – not disability and ageing? The future of ageing is looking beyond the stigma of ageing, and approaching services from a holistic, integrated perspective.

In this presentation, Rohling International will delve deep into the future of ageing, where the ageing experience is not defined by its namesake – starting at any particular age, or the stage at which a customer receives age care services of any form, it will be defined by the new breed of providers, from converging sectors, delivering services that see no boundaries between aged care, health, mental health, disability and social services. The Uber Cares are here now.

What do models for society, government, and service providers look like under this vision for an amazing experience? The Department of Living & Wellbeing? Funded via a unified Living & Wellbeing Funding Instrument (LWFI)? Ability Service Providers as opposed to Disability and Aged Care Providers? Partnerships/Ecosystems of Ability Services attuned to an individual’s stage in their living and wellbeing journey? A unified journey, transparent and integrated across government and Ability Service Providers, central records of living and wellbeing … an amazing living and wellbeing experience.

These providers, new entrants to the living and wellbeing services marketplace, will establish relationships with their customers, long-running personal and trusted relationships, with service models centric to their customers, based on analysis of their customers’ data, data customers have chosen to share, data that is all-encompassing, data spanning far beyond the customer’s existing medical and clinical care. Providers will be responsive to their customers, and deliver digitally-enabled, fully-integrated services at their customers’ convenience.

Who knows which way this change will go? But rest assured, this change is happening now! As a provider influencing today’s ‘ageing experience’, how well are you positioned to participate in and leverage opportunities from this emerging living and wellbeing experience?


Kate McGuigan is an experienced consultant, manager and board director dedicated to the for-purpose sector, with a Masters in Not-for-Profit Management and Social Enterprise from University of Technology Sydney.

Kate’s passion and expertise lies in Disability Services and Aged Care Services, where her strategy, business analysis, staff development, governance, project management and operations skills drive efficient, innovative and client-focused solutions.