Topic: Attracting, growing and enabling your workforce to effectively deliver genuinely connected support; ensuring a great experience with every interaction

Day: Wednesday 14 October 2020

Time: 2:10pm – 2:30pm AEDT


Attracting the right people is crucial to effective workforce planning; people want careers, not just short-term jobs. They also want commitment to their continual development; to be allowed to truly connect with their consumers in meaningful ways; to provide their consumers with purpose as they undertake their daily activities. This provides engagement and satisfaction in their role, encouraging delivery of high levels of quality consumer-led supports.

COVID-19 has provided the platform to innovate the way we attract, train and develop our workforce. The combined impact of unemployment and increased media attention on the provision of aged care, has driven many amazing people towards careers in the sector. These people demand more than a job; they are pursuing meaningful careers where they provide, and receive, a strong purpose.

This presentation provides practical approaches to effectively attracting, training, developing and retaining the right people.

Attracting the right people:
There is arguably work to be done in terms of dressing up the role of personal care workers. Cultural change is required across society to improve the perception of the value that an individual can add, providing connected personal supports.

Potential employees want to see and understand the important contribution they can make to someones’ life, and the personal reward that comes from this.

We often strike people who are perfect for the sector, motivated by the right reasons, who simply cannot afford the time it takes to qualify and gain employment. This is a significant barrier in converting people from interest to action – working in the sector.

Our solution, partnering with service providers, together identifies the right people for the sector, placing them in casual roles as domestic care workers/ level 2 care workers. Enrolment in our whole person learning aged care program is a requirement of their employment. These participants gain confidence, skills and knowledge from their accredited program as they gain lived experience working with consumers.

Retention and building of your workforce (team):
Personal care workers are often pigeon-holed into their role, without development opportunities other than those linked to progressing into a clinical nursing role.

What are we offering our career personal care workers?

We identify other development opportunities, comprising both further training and increased responsibility in the workplace.

Investment in people brings increased motivation, better performance and greater retention.

New Employee Motivation + Whole Person Development
Effectiveness + Genuinely Connected Consumer Experiences


As the Client Engagement Manager at Warner Institute, Katherine is responsible for managing client relationships, identifying sector trends and offering new approaches that support the changing needs of aged care providers and their teams.

Katherine’s extensive background in customer service, along with her Human Resources and Management qualifications aligns perfectly with our organisation’s long-term commitment to support the sector to enhance and grow its people. Experience connecting with Facility and Community Managers, together with personal care workers, gives her an edge in matching people to this rewarding yet challenging sector.

A strategic and analytical mindset accompany Katherine’s ability to connect with clients to truly understand their business and identify their needs, resulting in well-matched positive and value-added outcomes for all stakeholders.