Topic: COVID-19 and Aged Care – Frontline Key Learnings

Day: Monday 12 October 2020

Time: 2:10pm-2:30pm AESDT


Managing an outbreak of any disease can be challenging but throw in a disease declared a global pandemic and you are navigating some challenging obstacles.Managing an outbreak of any disease can be challenging but throw in a disease declared a global pandemic and you are navigating some challenging obstacles.
Residential Aged Care has seen a surge in COVID-19 cases and while the outbreaks are not over, we can reflect on our experiences and begin to identify key learnings to improve our responses and mitigate risk to protect our consumers. 
Effective organisational governance and risk management is essential for all Aged Care providers in ensuring robust policy and procedures to identify, manage or eliminate risks associated with COVID-19. 
In this session we will provide some insights on issues identified on the frontline during a COVID-19 outbreak along with some key learnings to assist providers in understanding the frontline issues and how we can improve our responses for all stakeholders involved. 
As Kaye unpacks the COVID-19 experience she will share not only her own experiences in outbreak management but will also reflect on insights provided by her peers and the independent review on Newmarch House to identify key learnings and best practice guidelines on COVID-19 outbreak management. 
Insights covered in this session include;- COVID-19 testing – who undertakes testing of consumers and staff, who gets tested,         frequency of testing, timeliness of test results – Waste management – during an outbreak at a pandemic level waste facility are         overwhelmed. What solutions can we use to manage our biohazardous waste- Contractors – dilemmas when contracts are breached  – Communication – internal / external- Hierarchy of government departments – navigating government departments including         bureaucracy and red tape- Psychological wellbeing – consumers, families, their rep- resentatives, and employees- COVID-19 Stigma – emergency workforce contingency plans- Operational Logistics – utilising the floor plan to optimise safety and productivity


Kaye is a registered nurse with highly developed clinical governance, leadership and operational experience. She has assisted providers in the areas of; compliance remediation, clinical practice and systems analysis, development of clinical governance frameworks, regulatory and quality compliance activities, acquisitions and mergers, expansion and refurbishment, commissioning greenfield aged care facilities.

She is a specialist in policy analysis, policy writing, policy implementation and training. She works with providers in the areas of quality improvement and operational management including auditing, KPI analysis, RCA/risk analysis, organisational/cultural change management, training, and team building.