Topic: Increasing Workforce Capacity

Day: Wednesday 14 October 2020

Time: 2:10pm – 2:30pm AEDT


From speaking with our clients, we know that finding workers to fill vacant shifts is hard at the best of times and is now made more challenging in the current situation with Covid-19. The government has attempted to implement strategies to provide new workers into the industry, allowing operators to have a surge workforce.

Most aged care operators have 70-80% part-time or casual workers and during normal times most of these workers do not get all the work they need. It is this cohort that can be better leveraged to increase workforce capacity, however During Covid-19 there has been a reduction in this workforce capacity due to less workers being available. We believe that operators still need an effective, dynamic way to fill shifts quickly with their remaining workers before going to agencies which increase costs and do not provide the same quality and continuity of care.

Emprevo is a digital workplace platform that automatically matches a company’s casual and part-time workers to available work.

It allows operators to create a flexible surge workforce within their own company with the ability to make rapid changes to worker’s movements to either restrict or expand where they can work.

You will be able to react and adapt to any situation by changing where your workers can work whilst still being able to fill shifts quickly with your remaining workers. In fact, over the last few months in aged care we have filled 91% of all shifts with the majority of shifts being filled in less than 15 minutes.


Leigh Herbert, Business Solutions Director, Emprevo. 

Leigh has been an investor in the aged care sector since 2005 and was seconded by the founding company of Emprevo- the digital workplace platform, to help launch the SaaS solution in 2016. After 4 years of beta testing within 4 Melbourne aged care companies, Emprevo was commercialized late 2017 and with the help of a small team, Emprevo is now operating in over 700 locations in aged care, healthcare, disability & childcare sectors.