Topic: What would it take to mobilise a stronger community in a residential care environment in the time of Covid19? 

Day: Monday 19 October 2020

Time:  1:30pm-1:50pm AEDT


What would it take to mobilise a stronger community in a residential care environment in the time of Covid19? When genuine fear and stress abide, what could be done now that will reap benefits when the doors are freely opened once more?
In this presentation, you will learn about the key findings from the 10K Project – Towards meaningful relationships and network centred aged care. In 2018, The GroundSwell Project partnered with Southern Cross Care and The Caring at End of Life Team at Western Sydney University, to pilot the 10K initiative. The initiative focused on the maintenance and development of social networks and relationships for a group of elders who lived in an aged care facility in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. At the commencement of the project the research showed that while residents clearly appreciated the standard of care they received, they lacked agency and meaningful choices in their lives. Over the course of the project significant changes took place resulting in increased social networks and relationships for residents, and the inclusion of more community members in the facility.
This aspirational project unearthed the key strategies required to improve wellbeing in ageing and in end of life by addressing the unspoken barriers. 





Linda joined The Groundswell Project in 2020 to deliver the Partnerships Program to organisations interested in exploring and implementing the business case of Compassion at Work.
Experienced in the delivery of quality programs that grows an organisations resilience, sustainability and profitability value within their workplace culture, Linda engages board of directors, c-suite and people leaders to identify, create, enhance and deliver tailored, creative Compassion at Work programs that uplift the importance of a company’s most valuable asset Рtheir people.
Linda brings her own lived experience to the vital and often overlooked need for positive life conversations and education.