Topic: “Disrupting Aged Care: Designing a New standard of Aged Care Facility”

Day: Thursday 22 October 2020

Time:  2:10pm-2:30pm AESDT


For too long Australian aged care facilities have resembled a hybrid between hotels and hospitals. While both typologies undoubtedly have their purpose, neither is personable nor suited for long term residency. The flaw in the sector’s prevalent service model, in which the disconnect between ‘retirement living’ and ‘aged care’ sees vulnerable seniors displaced from one home (hotel-esque) to another (hospital-like) when age starts to demand greater physical care. Greenway views Seniors Living in Canberra designed by Graypuksand is a joint venture between Cromwell Property and LDK healthcare, disrupting the Aged Care Sector with a new standard of senior living – one which atmospheric health, ageing in place and genuine quality of life prevail.

Maria Correia will take you through the design journey in the delivery of this unique project.


At Gray Puksand, Maria’s primary responsibility is to deliver relevant, innovative and intelligent design solutions that deliver results and exceed expectations.

Maria has over 20 years’ experience working on interior design, retail design to brand and customer experience projects. Maria has worked in leading international brand and retail agencies from luxury, fashion, leisure, workspace, beauty, financial services and technology.

As a strategic, creative thinker, Maria can move from strategy to creative solutions via insights, research and brainstorms to uncover the ‘big idea’. As a creative leader, Maria inspires teams of varying disciplines to distil the brand essence in order to deliver creative solutions that deliver results for clients.