Topic: Food innovation in Aged Care

Day: Monday 19 October 2020

Time:  1:50pm-2:30pm AEDT


Food innovation in Aged Care is essential with the potential to change the entire approach to residential community living. Among the many daily assistance needs of a resident in Aged Care, food is something they should truly be able to look forward to. Food, done properly, will meet the dietetic, nutritional and wholesome demands of our physiological requirements and, with the inclusion of innovative thinking, will take it so much further.

Innovative thinking requires the ability to think beyond boundaries, imagine the ‘what ifs’ and make connections with non-traditional partners. Lyndoch Living, an aged care facility in Warrnambool and Waltanna Living, a farm in south west Victoria, represent this type of thinking. Two independent parties, unknown to each other before, whose values align, now work their common goals in partnership.

To the benefit of the consumer, Waltanna Living’s brand philosophy to manufacture “nutritionally fortified food that looks smells and tastes like real food for an ageing population” comes full circle. Waltanna Farm is an International leader in Flax and Hemp farming and processing, Lyndoch Living is a National leader in Aged Care and together are able to develop products that benefit the targeted consumer first and the manufacturer second.

Achieving this, Waltanna Living has developed a team who understands why they do what they do and has a clear and constantly updated understanding and perspective of their customer. Empathy is regarded as being as important as a technical skill in our business.

Collaborative research has created employment opportunities in scientific research, farming, processing, warehousing, retailing, marketing, cooking, general kitchen operations, administration and more.

Where there is growth in product demand the entire supply chain benefits and benefits beyond volume. Farming communities benefit through positive recognition as a region that produces quality in-demand commodities that are not yet considered traditional. Processors enter virgin markets with little to no competition.

Combined, Lyndoch Living and Waltanna Farm have been able to attract the attention of Federal and State Governments. This has given the business the opportunity (not specifically available as individual entities) to access resources and funding otherwise unavailable to the average start-up.

We will continue to grow our client base, develop new products and partnerships, put more science into our food and most importantly, we will stay grounded and always maintain our connection to the represented consumer.




Peter has spent over 30 years in hospitality as a chef and restaurateur. He has taught hospitality and was a board member at the Australian Technical College.  He has worked in the retail management, sales and aged care sectors.

Peter is currently the Business Manager – Innovation and Research at Lyndoch Living and is passionate about food, nutrition and the wellbeing of the senior members of our society.