speaker presentations

A PDF version of Congress presentations are available to download below. Please be aware some speaker may have declined to have their presentations included. 

 A1 Evidence for Better Practice 

Self-Management In Home Care:
The Data Is In!

Home Fit For Life
(ECH Retirement Living)

Integrating Accredited Pharmacists into the clinical team to improve quality use of medicines

 A2 People and Culture 

“Isn’t Just About Religion?” New Films to Unlock Understanding About Spirituality in the Quality Standards

Raising the Bar in HR:
Rethinking Your Workplace Culture

A3 Organisational Governance

Innovation in Bringing the Voice of the Aged Care Consumer to the Boardroom Table

Clinical Governance – How to Build a Stronger Tomorrow

Re-Founding Mission: The Key to Energising Great Governance

A4 Quality and Safety

Best practice approaches to the delivery of
 aged care

Better Ageing with Dementia –
Transforming Dementia Care in Regional Victoria

A5 Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Deploying an Entrepreneurial

What Does it Take to Light a Fire, Creating Cultural Change for how we do Death and Dying in Australia?

Sharing Your Home: Lessons from a Co-Design Project

A7 Innovation Hub

There’s No Ageing On Mars:
 What If Elon Musk Focussed On Aged Care Instead

AI In Aged Care:
Myth Or Reality

C1 Ageing Well

Innovative Dementia Service Supporting Clients and Carers Through all Stages of Dementia in the Community

New Food Concepts for a
New Elderly Generation

From Aged Care to Ageing Well: Changing the Mindset

C2 Environment & Design

Brilliance or Insanity – a Radical Mixed Development in the CBD

Making a Place for Joy…How the design of the built environment contributes to personal happiness, in aged care and everywhere

It Takes A Village – Riverwood North Seniors Living Social Housing

C3 The Business Behind the Business

Space Junk or IT
that is the Question

Data vs. Insights: How Business Intelligence (BI) Tools Improve Outcomes and Operational Efficiencies

The Race to Transform. TADWA’s Two Year Sprint to the Future

C4 Consumer Experience

Decision Making in Home Care Package Spending: Qualitative Research on Unspent funds

Not Just a Number: The Value of Qualitative Research in Engaging Consumers

Dignity of Care Versus Duty of Care –
A Conundrum

C5 International Connections

Insights in to Aged Care in Asia

Learnings & Implementations from Abroad

C6 Communications, Media & Your Brand

Google your Name. Let’s Chat About Your Reputation, Hashtags, COPE, Voice Search + the Royal Commission

Trust: Is it improving or declining in
 our industry?

C7  Innovation Hub

Robots Changing The Lives Of
Staff And Residents

Creating Magical Moments Of Connectedness And Engagement Using Silent Disco Technology