Topic: – Opening up the digital world and a richer life for seniors

Day: Friday 23 October 2020

Time: 1:30pm-2:00pm AESDT


A key feature of a flourishing future in ageing is enabling more seniors to use the technologies available so they can live more of life.

YourLink’s mission is to create an amazing ageing experience by opening up the digital world for seniors and, as well as lift the overall digital capability of the sector. That flourishing future will happen when all seniors have equal and open access to the tools they need to ‘live’ digitally and the confidence to use them in a way enriches their life experience. This is about building sustainable solutions for the sector.

Our future is a blended life – a mix of in-person and online in our day to day. This can only be lived fully if we are each able to participate actively in each part of the ‘blend’.

In 2019 YourLink conducted research with over 1,200 of seniors to understand the relationship they wanted to have with technology. Titled the Digital Paradox of Seniors, the overarching theme was their desire to participate in the digital world and an explicit eagerness to learn, despite beliefs they are unwilling and/or unable to do so.

There was a challenge laid down in the report – communities and service providers to be more in tune with seniors and how they want to engage and learn new technologies.

The assumptions being made about the ability of seniors to participate actively in the digital age needs to be rewritten. They are ready, willing and able, it’s up to aged care service providers and the community to meet that need.

Fast forward to August 2020 – and some of that narrative has been rewritten as the rate of digital adoption has accelerated. The expectations have also expanded eg use of video as a communication tool – from 18% use to essential.

Australia needs its seniors to be engaged in life as consumers, connectors and active participants to continue to drive growth, prosperity and well-being.

This session will be presented by Richard Scenna, co-founder of YourLink who will share more about what a blended life can look like and the real stories of the difference being made through the work he and the team are doing.


YourLink is committed to seniors having access to the quality of life that includes happiness, sense of purpose and a feeling of being valued through an improved relationship with technology. Richard’s enthusiasm and drive comes from his personal desire to create a more inclusive digital and social community for all, particularly seniors.