Topic: Inspire, Redefine and Co-design: Bringing purpose to Community so that people live healthy and fulfilling lives, irrespective of age.

Day: Friday 23 October 2020

Time: 1:30pm-2:00pm AESDT


To activate new ways of thinking and bring purpose to community, involves learning about the environment, being in and connected to the environment and acting for the environment.

This presentation explores the model of co-designing with client, designers and community, so that there is authenticity and voice to the people who are adopting change.

We will discuss the transformation of Lyndoch Living’s built environment, inspired by informed decisions that includes a cross-pollination of ideas as part of the public innovation system.

The innovation system comprises of Lyndoch’s newly designed health and wellness precinct with education hub, medical centres and mixed housing accommodation, that connect people to social programs, learning, well-being and home.
Doreen and Rulla will demonstrate this collaborative process by presenting together as a discussion between client and consultant (respectively) both bringing in the perspective of combined business strategy and design, shared experiences and creative approach.

A strategic and intentional approach was taken to gather information to stimulate new ideas and new ways of delivering care and services into the community. This was mapped by Lyndoch Living undertaking local network research and partnerships within community.
We will discuss the integration of innovative design solutions and new building materials with sustainable social, health and well-being programs that inspire a community to thrive within their environment.


Rulla’s project experience spans the Seniors Living, Aged Care, Multi-Unit Residential, Hospitality and Education sectors including many years’ experience designing high-end quality environments, in both architecture and interior design.

Rulla is passionate about designed environments that promote mixed programs, so that a community can foster and grow simultaneously.
She is guided by a design narrative that empowers people of all ages and one that enlivens the community so that they feel engaged with a sense of purpose and validation.

As a key member of the Marchese Seniors Living and Age Care leadership team – Rulla drives a strong collaborative process so that new and tested design solutions for our ageing population are transferred and shared with the industry.