Topic: If you have a role in aged care, delivering quality must be your objective. The rest is window dressing.

Day: Wednesday 14 October

Time: 2:30pm-3:00pm AEDT


2020 has been a year of reduced face-to-face professional development opportunities.

But organisational priorities haven’t changed. We are all looking for opportunities to build the confidence, skills, and leadership experiences of our teams. Ensuring they are ready the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Organisations have been utilising leadership with limited resources, with the promise to achieve positive change, re-energise leadership, and cultivate better practices in our organisations. Our panel will explore the essentials, the challenges and benefits to creating their own internal leadership programs from scratch. Has it been difficult? Yes! Worth it? Join us to find out


Samantha Bowen is passionate about building a strong network of age service leaders to ensure all generations have the skills to shape and lead our ageing future. In March 2019, she started her role as Principal Advisor Next Gen at Leading Age Services Australia to lead an industry wide youth strategy through LASA Next Gen. This year her role has expanded to include Principal Advisor LASA Mentoring Program, leading a national mentoring program for current and emerging leaders in age services.

Her experiences in social enterprise, building networks across Australia, plus roles on Federal Government and international aged care boards add to her growing experiences in understanding your talent and the challenges we are all facing as leaders. Helping to ensure we are all building and leaning into new ways to work together and ensure everyone – from bedside to boardroom – can be part of shaping our ageing future.