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Booth: #40
Contact: Laura Sutherland

Email: laura@3drecruit.com.au



Booth: # 77
Contact: Steven Picca

Email: steven.picca@smartgroup.com.au
Website: Click Here

AccessPay is a leading provider of salary packaging and employee benefits services to the Not for Profit sector. Our specialist guidance, together with our reliable, flexible and cost effective salary packaging services, delivers you tailored solutions and maximises benefit opportunities to support your organisation’s strategic and operational objectives.

Booth: # NP13
Contact: Andres Merlano

Email: at.marketing@accan.org.au
Website: Click Here

Accessible Telecoms is a nationwide disability telecommunications service that provides independent, up-to-date information on mainstream and assistive telephone products suitable for people with disabilities.
This service also provides information about product training, set-up, on-going support and equipment provision (where available). At Accessible Telecoms, you can learn more and find the right training sessions to suit the devices you use.
In order to find the information you need you can visit the IDEAS website at http://www.ideas.org.au/telecom/category, and select your search options or access the service by phone 1800 029 904.
Alternatively, you can contact the IDEAS customer service team and let them know your search preferences. You can reach them via phone call, SMS, webchat or email and receive the information in a way that is suitable for you, including hard copies!
This nation-wide disability telecommunications information and referral service (NDTS) is funded by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

Booth: #117
Contact: Sandy Nasagavesi

Email: info@activeathome.org.au

Booth: #79
Contact: Bob Nixon

Email: Bobn@agedcareadvisors.com.au
Website: Click Here

Our Aged Care Advisory Service is part of our financial planning practice, NixonFinancial Services PTY LTD. Our founder and principal is Bob Nixon who has been looking after a wide variety of clients and their financial needs now for 46 years. Our mantra is to help people get their loved ones into permanent aged care with the resources they have in the most beneficial way for them and family. We take away one level of stress at what is truly a very stressful time for most families.

Bronze Sponsor
Contact: Derek Armstrong

Email: derek@armstrongcs.com.au
Website: Click Here

Armstrong Consultancy Services was established in 1992.
In 2013 we launched ACFA and began working with the aged care community. This allows us to focus on helping our clients and their families to achieve peace of mind whilst moving their loved one into aged care.
Derek has successfully completed a Masters in Financial Planning (focusing on Aged Care).

Booth: # 27
Contact: Leigh Bauer – Nason

Email: Acisa@aci.net.au
Website: Click Here

Aged Care Imaging provide a Mobile X-ray and Ultrasound service to Aged Care Facilities and Residential Villages in Melbourne, Adelaide & Brisbane.
Our business uses state of the art digital imaging equipment to provide high quality X-ray’s along with a 24 hour Radiologist Report turn around for the requesting GP, Specialist or Podiatrist.
We aim to remove the inconvenience of transportation of any elderly resident who is unable or unwilling to be transported to a standard static radiology department. This in turn helps family and facility staff who may usually have to accompany the resident during transportation to a radiology department.

Booth: # 97
Contact: Michael Lenkic

Email: michael@agedcareonline.com.au
Website: Click Here

Aged Care Online: Showcase your aged care services to consumers Australia-wide with features including customised profile pages, room vacancies, descriptions & pricing and virtual tours. Families can share positive experiences with an Aged Care Online review. Get the latest industry news; follow us on Facebook & Twitter.
My CarePath: A partnership between Aged Care Online and Millennium Aged Care Consultants. My CarePath offers a national aged care fee for referral service that is open to selected residential and home care providers. The My CarePath referral network will provide fully qualified clients, with you being in complete control to choose which clients to accept”
Interested in becoming a referral partner……come visit our stand!

Booth: # 13
Contact: Kate Spyby

Email: kate.spyby@aihw.gov.au
Website: Click Here

“GEN is a comprehensive “one–stop shop” for data and information about aged care services in Australia. It reports on capacity and activity in the aged care system focusing on the people, their care assessments and the services they use. GEN gives access to the data and information from the National Aged Care Data Clearinghouse (NACDC), which is managed by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). GEN is designed to cater for all levels of users, from students looking for information for assignments, right through to data modellers and actuaries. It is Australia’s only central, independent repository of national aged care data.“

Keynote Sponsor                           
Booth: # 11 & 12
Contact: Shaina Vellone

Email: shaina.vellone@alayacare.com
Website: Click Here

AlayaCare is a provider of revolutionary cloud-based home care software. With an end-to-end solution spanning clinical documentation, back-office functionality, client and family portals, remote patient monitoring, and a mobile home care app, we offer a platform for organisations to propel towards innovation and home care of the future.

Booth: # 68
Contact: Bart Williams

Email: bart.williams@alexys.com.au
Website: Click Here

Alexys supply and service industry leading IP Nurse Call, Access Control, CCTV, Wi-Fi networks, RTLS, Duress, VOIP and more.
We assist facilities to provide a safe living environment for Residents of Aged Care and Assisted Living, enabling Staff to provide excellence in care as-well as providing operational efficiency and accountability.

Chocolate Bar Sponsor
Contact: John Denham

Email: john@altaira.com.au
Website: Click Here

Booth: # 75
Contact: Christine Marriott

Email: christine.marriott@allity.com.au

Lanyard Sponsor
Contact: Seleka Myers

Email: seleka@ansellstrategic.com.au
Website: Click Here

The firm was established to leverage the largest network of experts in aged care including strategic partners specialising in aged care banking, law, clinical governance, taxation and corporate restructuring.
Our close associations with the leading professional advisors across the country enable us to provide holistic advisory services to organisations of any size.
Since our establishment in 2013, we have grown to become leaders in the industry and provide our services to some of the country’s largest organisations, while retaining our mid-level and smaller clients.
As a team, we have over 80 years’ combined experience in aged care and retirement living. Cam Ansell, the Managing Director has specialised in aged care for over 25 years and has led some of the most influential research and lobbying in Australia and New Zealand.
We have a team of dedicated specialists in a range of diverse fields. Our accountants and business advisors cover the full range of services for strategic development, capital development modelling and administrative/management process improvement. Our nurses are able to dramatically improve operational efficiency and resident outcomes as well as helping to establish new service lines within a rapidly changing market.

Gold Sponsor                       
Booth: # 54
Contact: Catherine Kenna

Email: ckenna@ansvar.com.au
Website: Click Here

Ansvar is a leading specialist in risk management and insurance solutions in the Care, Community, Faith, Education and Heritage sectors in Australia.
Owned by a charity, we are an ethical insurer committed to our community. We contribute up to 10% of annual profits through our Community Education Program grants, assisting organisations to run initiatives for Australian youth.
Established in Australia in 1961, Ansvar has built a reputation for providing expert insurance solutions and risk management advice to customers within our core sectors. Ansvar is a subsidiary of Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc, (Ecclesiastical), established in the UK in 1887. Ecclesiastical Insurance Group is owned by the charity Allchurches Trust and all available profits are distributed for the benefit of the community.
Working with our society’s most vulnerable requires an uncompromising level of commitment and care. Our in-depth knowledge of the Care sector has been gained over many years as an insurance & risk management provider for Aged Care, Disability Care, Child Care facilities and Nursing Homes services.

  Silver Sponsor                       
Booth: # 95
Contact: Sush Albertolli

Email: sush.albertolli@aon.com.au
Website: Click Here

Aon is a leading global professional services firm providing a broad range of risk, retirement and health solutions. We empower results for our clients by using proprietary data and analytics to deliver insights that reduce volatility and improve performance. In the Aged Care sector, we have developed solutions and consulting support that are designed to help operators meet regulatory and operational needs.

Booth: # 25
Contact: Nicole Cook

Email: nicole.cook@asaleocare.com
Website: Click Here

At TENA, we are committed to providing better continence care for all. With 50 years of experience, we partner with you to tailor solutions that offer optimum fit and functionality, improving quality of care.
TENA are pleased to announce the launch of TENA Identifi an innovative new product that tracks a resident’s voiding to provide valuable insights into toileting, product selection and change frequency increasing accuracy and decreasing pad overuse and labour.

Booth: # 108
Contact: Darshan Sadasivan

Email: darshan@aushp.com.au
Website: Click Here

Australian Health Professionals (AHP) work alongside aged care providers across public and private health sectors, developing positive partnerships and aligning our innovative aged care services with their financial and clinical needs.

Services we provide; 

Pain Management
Allied Health
ACFI Optimisation 

Booth: # 59
Contact: Aimee French

Email: a.french@autumn.care
Website: Click Here

AutumnCare provides clinical management systems catering to the aged care industry.
These systems enhance organisational efficiency, equip Managers with tools to extract and analyse data more readily, and promote best practice in every aspect of care delivery.
AutumnCare incorporates the new Quality Standards in a comprehensive document set containing hundreds of forms and assessments.
Our product set also includes a mobile application for use at the point of care, medication management, reporting, business intelligence and managerial support.

Booth: # 119
Contact: Lidia Conci

Email: renee@avanticare.com.au
Website: Click Here

AvantiCare is a South Australian family owned and operated Allied health company. Established by Speech Pathologist and Managing Director Lidia Conci, AvantiCare has been delivering services to the aged care sector for over 20 years. The AvantiCare team consists of experienced clinicians across all disciplines specialising in providing allied health services to the ageing community. AvantiCare is founded on the belief that purpose and meaningful activity is fundamental to ageing well. Promoting positive ageing is at the heart of everything we do. AvantiCare also runs workshops, conferences and podcasts to ensure we as a community take a holistic approach to the ageing population.

Booth: #72
Contact: Gary Doeblien

Email: gary.doeblien@azentro.com.au
Website: Click Here

Azentro was formed in 2013 when two of Queensland’s leading Telstra Enterprise Partners (TTGroup and VV Tech) merged to create a more comprehensive ICT service offering for our customers. Although Azentro is a relatively young brand, our business has been running for over 26 years.
South Australian Telstra enterprise partner, Data Mobility Voice joined the Azentro Group in 2018 and our business has since grown to employ over 65 staff across Queensland and South Australia.
Our business focus covers Unified Communications, Healthcare Technology, Mobility, Telematics and Data. Azentro’s capability around these solutions is core business and delivering these solutions effectively is our brand promise.
With an unsurpassed track record in the delivery of large scale Telephony projects, we are considered one of the most successful Telstra collaboration partners in Australia. Azentro is ISO 9001 Quality Assured and we hold platinum accreditation/partner status across Telstra, Mitel and Teletrac Navman.
Azentro is recognised as Telstra’s Leading Telematics Dealer – and in 2019 for the 5th year in a row
Azentro has had a strong focus on the HealthCare Retirement, Independent Living and Aged Care markets. For the past 20 years we have deployed large numbers of HealthCare ICT solutions centred around NurseCall, Access Control, IP Telephony integration and wireless solutions. 
As this market continues to grow we are committed to remain at the forefront of innovative technology solutions for our valued HealthCare Customers and the general market. Servicing customers nationally with staff in Queensland and South Australia and offering 24 x 7 customer support


Silver Sponsor                             
Booth: # 101
Contact: Adrian Wilson

Email: AWilson@bankfirst.com.au
Website: Click Here


Booth: # 130
Contact: Ken Blair

Email: kblair@blairarchitects.com.au
Website: Click Here

Blair Architects are an award winning specialist aged care and retirement living architectural company who work with clients to deliver market focused design solutions that also address the broad range of clinical, sustainability, service model, regulatory and risk management strategies that are essential to a successful project.
Projects have been successfully delivered across most states of Australia over the last twenty years with a large portfolio of repeat clients

Booth: # 44
Contact: Lorline Dimmock

Email: lorlined@besthealthsolutions.com.au
Website: Click Here

Best Health Solutions is a leader in Medication Management. Our cloud-based platform BESTmed, brings together facilities, doctors and their pharmacies with real-time access to a single resident record. With intelligent electronic charting, the doctor’s orders are always up-to-date and available in real-time at both the pharmacy and facility ensuring optimum safety and accuracy that has not been possible previously. BESTmed in RACFs improves efficiency, transparency, reduces medication related risks and helps keep facilities in a state that is always ready for unannounced audits.

Booth: # 14
Contact: Nadine Bucher

Email: nbucher@bingmail.com.au
Website: Click Here

Bing Technologies provides a secure outbound communications solution to facilitate the automated delivery of postal mail, fax, email, SMS and voice on behalf of organisations across Australia, both public and private.

Our service enables organisations to streamline communication, simplify workflows and generate savings by reducing the overall costs associated with processing of outbound communications.

Bing integrates seamlessly with existing technology platforms and maintains strict policies and procedures for safeguarding data privacy. Requiring no upfront investment, no process change, Bing is easy to use, comes with full training and cost transparency across departments and organisations.

Booth: # 120
Contact: Jess Steicke

Email: Jessica.Steicke@australianbusiness.com.au


Booth: # 76
Contact: Jen Lauder

Email: info@careadvantage.com.au
Website: Click Here

Care Advantage Job Fit and behavioural screening is delivering a stronger, more stable frontline workforce for large and small providers in Australia and New Zealand. Inexpensive and rapid identification of higher calibre, lower risk candidates, within your total applicant pool, significantly improves risk management, competitive advantage and talent acquisition.

Coffee Cart 1 Sponsor 
Contact: Paul Johnston

Website: Click Here

As leaders in aged care management software, we understand that each facility has individual requirements. Since 1984, when the first Care Systems product was developed for an Aged Care facility in Queensland, we have enabled out clients to focus on providing care.
Across all Australian states, over 300 organisations manage their facilities using our mature and deeply integrated product suite.
We pride ourselves on a process of ongoing development and reinvestment in continuous improvement, both internally and through client input.

Booth: # 81
Contact: Jonathan Storer

Website: Click Here

Cater Care is one of Australia’s leading contract catering providers. Proudly 100 per cent Australian owned and operated, the organisation operates across a number of industries and sectors, including education, aged care and retirement, health, retail and mining. We currently manage in excess of 250 sites across Australia, providing employment for more than 3,000 people.
We are passionate about fresh, quality food, and pride ourselves on providing the best hospitality and service to our customers and clients. We’re excited about what we do – we listen, engage and communicate to ensure we know what’s important to our customers. With our experience and knowledge, we’re confident we can design and deliver a service that suits our customers. Wherever we work, we connect with our local communities and commit to environmental sustainability. Most importantly, we deliver on our promises. Every time.

Booth: # 73
Contact: Nigel Macdonald

Email: nam2@cbord.com
Website: Click Here

CBORD is a worldwide provider of software solutions to the Aged Care, Health, and Education sectors.
The NetMenu® application suite is a leading edge solution which automates and simplifies processes across the whole of Food Service Management, from procurement to meal delivery. With optional modules to extend the system even further, NetMenu delivers the most comprehensive food service management solution available to residential aged care, retirement villages, independent living providers as well as to acute care and general hospitals.
NetMenu enhances the dining experience for aged care residents and hospital patients. The Room Service Choice® module enables kitchens to offer meal selections much closer to mealtime, and independent published reports demonstrate that in doing so client satisfaction, nutritional, and dietary outcomes are significantly improved. Allergy risk and malnourishment issues are better managed while costs associated with Food Service Management can be markedly reduced.
NetMenu makes it much easier to improve the service offered to clients, while enabling the kitchen operation to cope with more variable meal time and menu choice options.
Our aged care and health services are under constant pressure to improve service choice and quality within tighter budgets, while adhering to new, ever changing legislative requirements.
CBORD integrated technology solutions are used by more than 6,000 organisations in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, South Africa, the Middle East.Those organisations are served by team members dedicated to creating and supporting world-class products that improve the operating performance and competitive advantages of our customers.

For more information on the NetMenu Application Suite:
AGED CARE – call Nigel on 0432 172 059 or email nam2@cbord.com
HEALTH & HOSPITAL – call Janet on 0421 610 821 or email jpl@cbord.com
CONSULTANCY – Food Services and Nutrition – call Carmel on 0416 114 459 or email chl@cbord.com


Booth: # NP09
Contact: Tonina Gucciardo – Masci

Email: tonina@culturaldiversity.com.au
Website: Click Here

The Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing provides expertise in culturally inclusive policy and practices for the aged services sector. We have over 20 years’ experience in supporting aged care providers to address the needs of older people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Booth: # 26
Contact: Sally Grosvenor

Email: sally.grosvenor@sydney.edu.au
Website: Click Here

The Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre (CDPC) is a collaborative multidisciplinary centre working on priority areas in dementia care to translate research into health and health systems improvement.
The CDPC brings together people with dementia and their carers with researchers, clinicians, health care organisations, and industry partners to address areas of national interest with regards to improving care for people with dementia. The CDPC examines these priority areas from the perspective of those receiving, delivering, managing and governing services across all settings where care is delivered including hospital, residential and the community.

Booth: # 70
Contact: Lindsay Stoneham



Booth: # 121
Contact: Dianne Adamo

Email: dianne@cpandc.com.au
Website: Click Here

The competitive landscape is here! Are you ready?

Research tells us:

  • Organisations with strong feedback cultures outperform competitors in a range of outcome measures
  • Organisations with engaged employees enjoy greater customer loyalty and 26% greater increase in revenue.

CPC is looking forward to introducing LASA delegates to


A simple to use digital platform that builds a culture of feedback and continuous improvement which will enable performance feedback to be incorporated into service improvements and career development.

Connect+Check will:

  • show you where to target your efforts and resources
  • support organisations to comply with the new standards via real time trackable data

And best of all it is flexible, mobile friendly and affordable for all sized organisations.

The Directors and team at CPC have enjoyed over 16 years partnering with organisations in the Aged Care Sector. We have a proven, successful track record of supporting organisations during change and transformation.  Let Connect+Check speak for itself!  Come and see us for a hands-on demo.

Booth: # NP10
Contact: Paul Creek

Email: paulcreek@creeksolutions.com.au
Website: Click Here

Creek Solutions Pty Ltd has provided premier consulting services to the Aged, Health and Hospitality Industries for 16 years.
Our dedicated approach and sector knowledge ensure viable staffing, process and financial solutions are achieved in the provision of kitchen, cleaning & laundry services.  Paul Creek’s considerable industry experience has assisted many organisations to achieve Food Safety and Accreditation preparedness.
Creek Solutions believes that managing the ‘bottom line’ is fundamental to process re-development in the support services.  Efficient process management enables many services to remain in-house as economically and effectively as outsourcing, with the opportunity for organisations to redirect savings to care costs. In recent times, many organisations have sought our services to implement microfibre efficiently resulting in productivity and financial gains.



Booth: # 65
Contact: Margaret Maling

Email: margaret.maling@dementia.org.au
Website: Click Here

Dementia Australia is the national peak body and charity for people of all ages, living with all forms of dementia, their families and carers. Dementia Australia provides advocacy, support, education and information for the estimated 425,000 people living with dementia in Australia.

  Gold Sponsor                     
Booth: # 113 & 116
Contact: Sally Broad

Email: sally.broad@zenitas.com.au
Website: Click Here

Dimple delivers mobile allied healthcare services into residential aged care and the community. After 20 years as a specialised podiatry provider Dimple has expanded its services to include physiotherapy, occupational therapy and dietetics. Our team strives to embrace our values of Do Right, Be Loved and Go Beyond in everything we do.


Booth: # 84
Contact: Raylene Coates

Email: raylene.coates@dps.com.au
Website: Click Here

DPS Publishing is Australia’s leading independent multiplatform media company connecting care and support providers with senior Australians and people living with disability.
We’re well known for the most trusted aged care information resources in Australia including AgedCareGuide.com.au, @TalkingAgedCare, the DPS Guide to Aged Care and Your Retirement Living magazine.
Our aim is to empower people to make informed care and support decisions and to facilitate the connection of consumers with providers through relevant, comprehensive and innovative resources.
Whether you have a personal or professional interest in aged care, we can help you connect in print, online and on social media.


Booth: # 104
Contact: Melissa Norris

Email: melissa.norris@flinders.edu.au
Website: Click Here

End of Life Directions for Aged Care (ELDAC) is a project funded by the Australian Government Department of Health to support quality care for older Australians at the end of life.
Five evidence-based toolkits bring together the latest tools, information and resources for workers across five areas: home care, primary care, residential aged care, legal issues and working with other providers.
The ELDAC toolkits are free and available on the ELDAC website, with a supporting Helpline (1800 870 155) during office hours.

Dining Hub Sponsor
Contact: Soha Alameddine

Email: s.alameddine@eml.com.au
Website: Click Here

EML is a national workers compensation claims management mutual helping people get their lives back. Renowned for consistently delivering customer care with integrity, EML assists employers and injured and ill workers in the public/private sectors. EML invests in services and research to help create safer workplaces and prevent injury.

  Silver Sponsor                         
Booth: # 109
Contact: Melanie Kerslake

Email: mkerslake@encara.com.au
Website: Click Here

Encara provides specialist, individually tailored allied health services to the aged and community care sectors throughout Australia. Our family of over 450 allied health professional help people and improve lives, with a special focus on those living with injury, illness, pain or disability. We achieve this by creating successful partnerships with aged and community care providers. Encara’s services include: Physiotherapy, ACFI Pain Management, Podiatry, Speech Pathology & Dietetics.

Booth: # 128
Contact: Mae Chin

Email: Mchin@ucm.com.au
Website: Click Here

e-Tools transforms the way you work, with software solutions to support your care business. Our simple, time saving and affordable applications are built on over 30 years of industry experience, and designed to help overcome some of your challenges in administration and compliance management. Automate your workflow and manage your requirements with confidence using our intuitive applications, whether you’re in Home Support, Home Care, Disability or Residential Care.


Booth: #91
Contact: Chanelle Tan

Email: chanelle.tan@fiig.com.au
Website: Click Here

FIIG is Australia’s largest fixed income specialist. With over 20 years’ experience dedicated to fixed income, our expertise is unrivalled in the Australian marketplace.
Through industry leading research, FIIG empowers investors and their advisers with knowledge and insights – and with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, FIIG’s 140+ strong team provide expert service and support to clients across Australia. We are not owned by or aligned with any financial institution, so our product range is limited only by our clients’ requirements.

Booth: # 92
Contact: Jessica Lam

Email: jessica_lam@firststatesuper.com.au
Website: Click Here

First State Super is one of Australia’s largest profit-for-member financial services organisations. We provide our members with a better financial future through safe and secure superannuation and quality financial advice. Our size enables us to invest in ways that make a positive impact on the economy, the environment and the communities in which our members live, work and retire. The majority of our members work in health, aged care, emergency services and other service-based vocations that care for our community. While we’re big, we see our members as individuals. We understand the role we play in safeguarding their savings and working with them to plan for the future they want.

Booth: # 36
Contact: Justine Irving

Email: justine.irving@flinders.edu.au
Website: Click Here

For over 50 years, Flinders University has been a centre of inspiring achievement: from our pioneering research and excellence in teaching to the positive impact we have in the communities we serve. Named after the famed navigator Matthew Flinders, we continue to pursue our vision to be internationally recognised as a world leader in research, an innovator in contemporary education, and the source of Australia’s most enterprising graduates. With core values of integrity, courage, innovation and excellence, and an underlying ethos of being student centred, Flinders University has a bold mission of changing lives and changing the world. Headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia, Flinders offer exceptional teaching on campus and online, with a physical presence extending across multiple locations.

Booth: # 105
Contact: Samantha Murray

Email: sam@foodsolutions.com.au
Website: Click Here

A leading national service provider of aged care dietitians and speech pathologists, Food Solutions works closely with residential aged care facilities across Australia to meet accreditation standards and promote wellbeing and quality of life. Our aged care specialists provide clinical consultations that optimise resident nutrition, hydration and safe swallowing. Our services extend beyond our clinical work, to offer extensive foodservice support including menu development and review, dining room audits as well as staff training. Our online education portal provides further support with targeted courses for clinical, care and food services staff.

Booth: # NP012
Contact: Shawn Brosnan

Email: global@formiga1.com
Website: Click Here

Formiga1 is a high calibre Building Surveying Company committed to providing our clients with building design advice, building approvals, inspections and evacuation planning services, whilst providing a high degree of satisfaction in terms of quality, cost and meeting time frames.
We aim to provide quality service and advice appropriate to the project, and incorporating relevant Client requirements. We specialise in personal attention to service and detail, through the development of strong relationships, to assist in the achievement of our Client’s objectives.
With offices throughout Australia, we are licensed to provide service nationally. Our team continues to be engaged on many private and government design teams to ensure compliance to relevant legislation and specialised client criteria.
Within the Aged Care Industry, we are experts in building design, occupant safety and evacuation coordination.

Welcome Reception Sponsor                  Booth: # 112
Contact: Tom Enright

Email: Tom.Enright@foxtel.com.au
Website: Click Here


Booth: # 103
Contact: Jane Quilter

Email: info@gowgates.com.au
Website: Click Here

Since 1978 our specialty insurance program – the Gow-Gates Aged Care Insurance Scheme – has been protecting aged care providers and the people in their care. With competitive pricing and unique cover from secure, reliable insurers, our clients trust us for consistent, high quality products and service. Given our experience, we understand the aged care industry’s needs and have developed an insurance scheme that offers broader cover than standard policies and special inclusions specific to the industry. These are just some of the reasons why Gow-Gates is one of the longest serving risk advisors to Australia’s aged and community care industry. For more information on the Gow-Gates Aged Care Insurance Scheme or to speak with one of our expert and helpful insurance consultants, please contact us using the contact details above.

Concurrent Session Sponsor
Contact: Tana Ursulic

Email: tana.ursulic@au.gt.com
Website: Click Here

Grant Thornton is one of the world’s leading organisations of independent assurance, tax and advisory firms.
These firms help dynamic organisations unlock their potential for growth by providing meaningful, forward looking advice. Proactive teams, led by approachable partners in these firms, use insights, experience and instinct to understand complex issues for privately owned, publicly listed and public sector clients and help them to find solutions.
Grant Thornton Australia has more than 1,160 people working in offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. We combine service breadth, depth of expertise and industry insight with an approachable “client first” mindset and a broad commercial perspective.
More than 50,000 Grant Thornton people, across over 135 countries, are focused on making a difference to clients, colleagues and the communities in which we live and work. Through this membership, we access global resources and methodologies that enable us to deliver consistently high quality outcomes for owners and key executives in our clients.


Bronze Sponsor
Contact: Anna Giorgianni

Email: agi@gegroup.com.au
Website: Click Here

We are passionate about creating long-term sustainable value for building owners, managers and occupants.
Through proactive service and maintenance of air-conditioning, fire and electrical systems, we can help you eliminate or spot any potential problems before breakdowns occur. Our skilled technicians can help keep your building operational, so you can focus on business as usual.
Regular servicing can also ensure that your building remains sustainable. We can design, manage and operate assets for optimal performance and energy and increase asset life cycle.
We work across a number of industries including retail, commercial, healthcare, hospitality, data centres, educational facilities and more!


Booth: # 63
Contact: Liz Hardy

Email: liz@ipsofacto.com.au
Website: Click Here

Health Metrics was established in 2008 and has since become a leading provider of software solutions to the health and social care sector. Health Metrics’ enterprise solution, eCase, works with customers of any size to support the functions of residential aged care, retirement villages, home care, disability and primary health care sectors.

      Gala Dinner and Awards Sponsor          Booth: # 85 & 86
Contact: Vanessa Frlan

Email: vfrlan@hesta.com.au
Website: Click Here

We’re a specialist industry super fund dedicated to people who provide some of the best health and community services in the world. With more than 860,000 members and $46 billion invested globally on their behalf, we’ve learned a thing or two about looking after our members.

Booth: # 123 & 124
Contact: Melissa Stehr

Email: melissa@hlshealthcare.com.au
Website: Click Here

We are specialists in our field at providing manual handling solutions for everyday living for the disabled or elderly. We work closely with our clients, whether this is at initial planning stage or modifications to existing buildings.
Our goal is to provide solutions to make life easier.


Exclusive Products range are; Guldmann ceiling hoists solutions, Ropox kitchen and Bathroom assistive products, the revolutionary Vendlet Turning Patient System, The Elsi Smart Floor – Fall Prevention and the Profilosmart Solutions.

Booth: # 48
Contact: Georgia Downes

Email: georgia.downes@homeinstead.com.au
Website: Click Here

Home Instead Senior Care has been the trusted choice of Home Care and Companionship services for seniors across Australia since 2005. We make a difference in the way millions of seniors lead their lives and we take pride in every aspect of their care to ensure they have access to the non-medical services that they need.

Booth: # NP6
Contact: Zeina Torre

Email: zeina@homecarersdirect.com.au
Website: Click Here

Home Carers Direct is an online platform connecting people seeking home care directly with vetted, suitably qualified, and insured, local home carers.
The system has been developed with significant safety features, and we believe is the only platform to seamlessly integrate escrow payment services to balance the interests of consumers and workers, thereby attracting and retaining quality home carers whilst ensuring fairness for all parties.
Home Carers Direct is a family owned Australian business and the platform has been available for bookings since April 2018.

Booth: # 102
Contact: Ari Kallinen

Email: ari.kallinen@huraustralia.com.au
Website: Click Here

HUR –For Lifelong Strength is leading the way for offering Active Ageing programs with air-resistance strength equipment for Australian aged care and Retirement living. The company has been helping to implement exercise programs for 25 years with more than 10 000 installations on 5 Continents.


Booth: # 24
Contact: Dean Armstrong

Email: Dean.Armstrong@tenderlink.com
Website: Click Here

Established in 1994, illion TenderLink is Australasia’s leading provider of web-based e-Procurement solutions, subscription-based tender notification services, and tender response training.
Looking to overhaul your manual, inefficient and risk-prone procurement processes? Join over 600 leading organisations in the government, public and private sectors who use illion TenderLink’s specialised e-Procurement system. Covering the complete cycle from notice advertising through to close, evaluation and award, our e-Procurement software will streamline your procurement processes, reduce costs and embed probity.
Looking for more business? We monitor thousands of print and web sources daily, delivering over 40,000 open tenders, quotes and contract opportunities to inboxes each year. Our subscriptions range from one region to national or Trans-Tasman coverage, across 946 industry categories, costing from around $3 a day. Simple and effective.
Looking to improve your company’s tender win-rates? Whether you’re new to the game or a practised professional, our BidPro tendering workshops will give you the tools and techniques to win more tenders, more easily.
For further information call 1800 233 533 Australia, 0800 698 363 New Zealand

Booth: # 83
Contact: Lois Kennerley

Email: lois.kennerley@interface.com
Website: Click Here

Interface, Inc. is a global flooring company specialising in modular carpet and resilient flooring that is carbon neutral, including luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and nora® rubber flooring. We help our customers create high-performance interior spaces that support well-being, productivity, and creativity, as well as the sustainability of the planet. Our mission, Climate Take Back™, invites you to join us as we commit to operating in a way that is restorative to the planet and creates a climate fit for life. 

Learn more about Interface at interface.com and blog.interface.com, our nora brand at nora.com and our Carbon Neutral Floors™ program.
Follow us on TwitterYouTubeFacebookPinterest,
 LinkedInInstagram, and Vimeo.

Booth: # 28
Contact: Michelle Kruwinnus

Email: michellek@ionmy.com.au
Website: Click Here

Risk and Quality are a hot topic at the moment in our industry. Have you got your systems in place? Could you benefit from implementing ionMy? We think so! Enter your risk framework, record all compliments, complaints and feedback, capture all incidents, manage your continuous improvement, record and report on your evidence against all standards including the Aged Care Quality Standards. We also have a handy remote data entry, mobile/tablet friendly, Compliance app that is extremely helpful for staff to enter in incidents, hazards and feedback as they occur.
Focused on the aged, community, disability and indigenous care sectors.
Evidence based, real time, workflow driven, embedded integration, sophisticated security, cloud or in-house, any device, anytime, anywhere.

Come and say hi 🙂


Booth: # 100
Contact: Peter McVey

Email: peter.mcvey@jct.com.au
Website: Click Here

JCT’s progressive technology solutions have been designed specifically for the healthcare industry. Our specialised systems can help your healthcare organisation to:

• Deliver a high quality of responsive care with JCT’s resident alerting and monitoring.
• Dementia care is a delicate balance of providing efficient and timely care with a non-intrusive style that allows your clients to feel safe and cared for.
• JCT’s centralised and integrated nurse call management system provides timely and accurate patient monitoring and alerts.
• Have peace of mind with JCT’s nurse call technology that allows centralised monitoring of your residents’ activity.
• Give your clients technology that empowers them with independence.
For more then 16 years, JCT Healthcare has been developing assistive Technology and Nurse Call Systems that increase operational efficiencies and deliver higher quality of care at the same time.


• Advanced Reporting
• Voice communications : Staff to Staff, Staff to Client
• Intelligent workflows : Customised to meet staff and client requirements
• Staff management, escalation process
• Third party integrations
• True IP, Wireless RF, Traditional cabling options
• NuCaMS smartphone messaging app for staff and Clients
• Behaviour tracking, duress capabilities
• Smart home automation for Independent Living
JCT offer both wired and wireless solutions to suit your needs, as well as our leading NuCaMS Nurse Call Management System software. Contact JCT today to discuss how we can tailor a solution to help.



Booth: # 41
Contact: Leonie Mulheran

Email: lmulheran@lamson.com.au
Website: Click Here

Lamson robots remove menial tasks and manual handling to free up your staff so they can give residents more face to face time, improve care at the same time as taking out the legwork!
Meals, linen, supplies, clothing and waste are transported by robots delivering trolleys directly to resident areas. Lamson robots support accreditation standards 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 and ensure you put residents care and safety first with staff not leaving the wing to gather items required.
Robotic technology can deliver significant business benefits and support the future workforce in existing sites and new facilities under development. Come and visit Lamson to see the robots in action and book a free site assessment.
Lamson have been automating transport for over 120 years and are the experts in automating services in aged care. With Lamson robots, staff no longer push trolleys and have more face to face care, more time to cook, clean and do what they do best… care

Booth: # 98
Contact: Col Severns

Email: col@laundryeq.com.au
Website: Click Here

Laundry Equipment Company Pty Ltd proudly presents our Japanese made range of Yamamoto Industrial Laundry Equipment.
Yamamoto established in Japan since 1947 and established here in Australia since 2014.
Come and see why our Japanese made Yamamoto range of laundry equipment is the BEST.
Washer Extractors in 13/22/28/36/43/63/118 KG Capacities. Tumble Dryers in matching capacity.
NEW Washer Dryer Combination machines – includes Gas Heated dryer in the same frame as the washer ! Reduced laundry footprint – Dry loads in Dry loads out – less risk of strain related injuries – Your Staff will absolutely love these Combo Machines .

Massive 24/7 Platinum Warranty

Seven (7) YEARS  Main Bearings,Bearing Housing,Drum Shaft,Wash Drum

Five    (5) YEARS  All Other Parts, Exception of Rubber/Glass

One   (1)  YEAR  Labour.


Step up to a new level in Laundry Equipment with our range of Japanese made Yamamoto Laundry Equipment and enjoy the benefits of Yamamoto ownership . Contact Col – 0732654809 or 0455555119 or col@laundryeq.com.au

Yamamoto – Change for the Better

Booth: # 52
Contact: Michael Edney

Email: medney@yourlaundry.com.au
Website: Click Here

Laundry Solutions Australia are the importer & distributor of the premium range of IPSO Laundry Equipment and have been helping businesses with their laundry equipment needs for over 30 years. The IPSO range of products are built by the largest producer of Industrial Washing Machines & Dryers in the world.


Booth: # 69
Contact: Greg Beasley

Email: greg.b@leecare.com.au

Booth: # 62
Contact: Chris Cruikshank

Email: chris.cruikshank@lexisnexis.com.au
Website: Click Here

LexisNexis is a leading global provider of legal, regulatory and business information and analytics that help professional customers make more informed decisions, increase productivity and serve their clients better.
We help lawyers win cases for their clients, manage their work more efficiently and productively, and grow their practices. We assist corporations to better understand their markets and prevent bribery and corruption within their supply chains. We aid universities in their efforts to help students become successful legal professionals, and we support governments and courts by making laws accessible and strengthening legal infrastructures.
We help collect evidence against war criminals and provide tools to combat human trafficking. We endeavour to advance the rule of law across the world.
LexisNexis serves customers in more than 175 countries with 10,000 employees worldwide, is part of RELX Group, a global provider of information and analytics for professional and business customers across industries.

Booth: # NP003
Contact: Paul Johnson

Email: pjohnson@lifearc.com.au

Booth: # 135 & 136
Contact: Belinda Matthews 

Email: bmatthews@lifefitness.com.au
Website: Click Here

Life Fitness is the global fitness industry leader, specialising in the design, fit out and servicing of Aged Care Fitness and Wellness Facilities.
Life Fitness’ commitment to health started more than 45 years ago, when we created the world’s first electronic exercise bike. We now have a growing portfolio incorporating safe and innovative products designed for preventative health and rehabilitation of our ageing population.
Our friendly and highly trained exercise and wellness experts deliver solutions best suited to your budget, space requirements and resident needs whilst ensuring optimal return on your investment.

Corporate Business Zone Sponsor
Contact: Tess Baxter

Email: tess.b@mqf.net.au


Booth: #074
Contact: Vikki Karatovic

Email: vikki.karatovic@au.lockton.com


Booth: # NP08
Contact: Mitch Peacock

Email: mitch.peacock@marsh.com
Website: Click Here

Marsh is a global leader in insurance broking and risk management. We work with businesses and individuals of all sizes across the Pacific region to provide risk advice and solutions. In more than 130 countries, our experts in every facet of risk and across industries help clients to anticipate, quantify, and more fully understand the range of risks they face. In today’s increasingly uncertain global business environment, Marsh helps clients to better quantify and manage their risk.

Coffee Cart 2 Sponsor
Contact: Col Britten

Email: colin.britten@mcarthur.com.au
Website: Click Here

Backed by the resources and infrastructure of one of Australia’s most respected and successful recruitment organisations and with 200+ years’ combined experience across 5 state based teams, McArthur Aged Care and Disability is without doubt a market leader in the sector. Each week our temporary staff are delivering in excess of 10,000 hours high quality care across the country and many of the industry’s senior decision-makers have been sourced and placed by McArthur Executive recruitment consultants.

Like all other divisions of McArthur, our Aged Care and Disability teams deliver a genuine specialist resource. Informed, sector-experienced and industry focused, our consultants know the issues, challenges and opportunities both clients and candidates face and therefore can deliver tailored solutions to even the most demanding requirement.

McArthur has invested substantially in the growth and development of our Aged Care and Disability teams and this includes regular and relevant training/upskilling, and continuously improving technical resources and systems. In addition, over the last 30 years, we have built extensive networks and contacts through our long-term partnerships with key peak bodies including LASA (National and State) and LGPRo, and the McArthur Café is a regular attraction at all the major conferences and expos each year.

At a time when the Aged Care and Disability sector is going through an unprecedented period of change, no other recruitment and HR specialist is better positioned to help across the whole spectrum of recruitment, training and HR than McArthur Aged Care and Disability.

Booth: # 61
Contact: Helena Eldred

Email: admin@meaningfulage.org.au
Website: Click Here

Meaningful Ageing Australia is the national peak body for spiritual care and ageing. We are a membership based not-for-profit association. Our focus is quality of life and quality of care for elders. We do this by creating high quality, easy to use resources for organisations, education services, advocacy with government and key agencies for spiritual care to be included in care and funding models.

Booth: # 64
Contact: Christelle Ucinek

Email: christelle@medimap.com.au
Website: Click Here

The Medi-Map platform manages all aspects of medication in a facility based environment. Charting, administration, supply and communication are integral components which allow a transparent, seamless cascade of care for each resident. Medi-Map directly links doctors, pharmacists and care facilities into a shared cloud interface so care staff have confidence medicine details are current and authorised.
Medi-Map recognises the need in the health and care sector for auditing and reporting and has developed audit tools and the ability for facility management to generate reports at individual facility level or at a wider corporate level. Full management reporting, alerts and safety tools make the system robust and reduces medicine related incidents for residents and staff
Medi-Map: An evolution of medicine management

Booth: # 39
Contact: Maria Kucherhan

Email: MariaKucherhan@compass-group.com.au
Website: Click Here

Medirest is your complete hotel services partner for catering, cleaning & laundry. We implement specialist programmes and systems that support resident engagement to ensure variety and choice in dining options, complimented by compliance tools that provide absolute surety around quality and achievement of standards for our clients, residents, and their families.
For more information on Medirest and the great services we can deliver for your residents, come and see Leanne at Booth 137.

Booth: # 2
Contact: Caronwen Horne

Email: caronwen.horne@mpsconnect.com.au
Website: Click Here

At MPS we believe in the safest delivery of medication. We provide end to end medication management,TGA Accredited Dose Administration Aids and software solutions to assist pharmacists and care providers to deliver better health outcomes for their customers. We deliver a better experience for people managing multiple medications.

Platinum Sponsor                   
Booth: # 89 & 94
Contact: Anwar Khahil

Email: anwar@myrecruitmentplus.com
Website: Click Here

MyRecruitment+ is The #1 Recruitment & Onboarding Platform for companies who want HR & The Managers to work together and make internal recruitment work.  It’s the easiest way to manage your job requisitions, job ads, applications, employment contracts, E-Forms and much more.
MyRecruitment+ is an Australian that’s based in Sydney has over 500 clients from Australia, NZ, Canada, US and the UK. 
With clients like Allity, Southern Cross Care, Baptist Care and many others… MyRecruitment+ is a well-established supplier to the Aged Care Industry and for over 4 years now. 

Booth: # 43
Contact: Amanda Terranova

Email: amanda.terranova@mirus.group

Booth: # 03
Contact: Donna Briggs
Email: donna.briggs@mundipharma.com.au
Website: Click Here

Mundipharma is a member of a global network of independent associated companies which are engaged in research, development, production and marketing of prescription medicines and consumer healthcare products.
Established as a leader in the development and provision of medicines for pain, we have expanded our portfolio to include treatments for cancer, glaucoma, asthma, burns, wounds as well as skin irritations.


Recharge Bar Sponsor
Contact: Tracey Cumbers

Email: tracey@nnplus.com.au
Website: Click Here

National Nurses Plus (NNPlus) have been supplying Nursing Staff to the Aged Care sector for over 10 years. Our robust talent attraction process ensures that NNPlus will provide the highest calibre nursing staff for your facility every time! Whether you are looking to fill last minute shifts, ongoing shifts, block bookings or an Assessment Centre to cater for your bulk recruitment needs, NNPlus can give you the staff you need. With over 30 years of recruitment experience in our team and a strong clinical understanding, we are here to help.
With the changes to the new Standards, NNPlus have been providing Special Project Coordinators ( Senior RN’s) with extensive experience that will assist any client in planning and strategy to meet the new standards and to be prepared those unannounced visits. The skills and experience cover a range of specialities including, ACFI management, education, care plans and policy review. If you would like to find out more about this type of assistance, come to the Recharge Station and speak to one of our team.

Booth: #15 & 16
Contact: Praj Perera

Email: praj.perera@newellco.com

Booth: #29
Contact: Jeff Jack

Email: jeff@nextgenerationservices.net.au


Booth: #80
Contact: Darren Wedge

Email: darren@oskawellness.com
Website: Click Here

Oska Wellness is committed to developing technology driven health and wellness products that assist individuals in living a more active and pain free life.
Our flagship product the Oska Pulse was awarded the 2018 Medtech award for Best New Technology – Pain Management. Oska Pulse is drug free, non invasive and goes to the core of the issue by improving blood flow, and mobility and reducing inflammation and pain. Oska Pulse is not a TENS machine, instead it uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) to address the issue causing the pain.
Oska Pulse is currently used in Aged Care facilities in Australia and the USA and assists both Aged Care and Home Care organisations in the area of the Aged Care Quality Standard 3 – Personal Care and Clinical Care, whilst reducing costs.

2018 Oska Pulse Recognized as  “Best New Technology Solution—Pain Management”

2017 Oska Pulse Recognized as  “Best IoT Healthcare Wearable Device.”


Booth: #23
Contact: Alison Boundy

Email: alison.boundy@pacificlabourfacility.com.au

Booth: #127
Contact: Eleni Afford

Email: eleni@pallascapital.com.au
Website: Click Here

Most asset classes across the Western world now offer much lower yields than they did in previous years. This has left a large pool of investors, affluent and well informed, with capital that cannot be satisfactorily deployed.
Pallas offers a range of high yield, property-backed investment opportunities for these investors.

Pallas Capital operates a highly successful team of professionals and market experts, who originate property backed investment opportunities for sophisticated investors looking for high yield with relatively low risk, with; well-secured loans to reputable and competent borrowers, and equity in quality property development projects by experienced sponsors.
Each Pallas Capital investment is a participation in a stand-alone property loan or property development project.
This allows our investors to choose their own risk / return profile, to arrange their investments so as to fit in with their cash-flow requirements, to set their own risk parameters and to focus on preferred asset classes or geographic areas.

Booth: #90
Contact: Sarah Noonan

Email: sarah.noonan@performhr.com.au
Website: Click Here

performHR is ‘changing the way HR is done’ with a fresh and human approach to People Strategy. We are an outsourced HR consulting firm, with our team’s expertise operating across Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle, Melbourne, and Perth.
We enable leaders to lead by supporting them to activate talent in their teams, create an employee experience to be proud of and achieve their strategic goals. performHR’s team of HR professionals provide pragmatic advice, with tailored client solutions that are designed to grow the capability or extend the capacity of your HR function.
From employment contracts to HR strategy workshops, and everything in between, we create tailored solutions, providing you with peace of mind, clarity of direction, and a HR capability that works for you. Whether you are looking to outsource your entire HR function, or need specialist support or advice for a specific project, we can help. Our approach is unique to ensure we meet the needs of each individual client – there is no hiding behind an off-the-shelf solution.

Booth: #115
Contact: Tammy Sherwood

Email: tammy@personcentredsoftware.com.au
Website: Click Here

Person Centred Software provides a single solution which is called Mobile Care Monitoring (MCM).
MCM is designed to be in the hands of the carers, rather than being tied to a PC, laptop or tablet. The system is easy to use and icon driven with limited need for typing. Communication happens with automated escalation of important care interventions; with care plans, planned care routines and shift handover notes; with resident’s preferences, flags for overdue care, and happiness indicators. We have also extended the system’s communication capabilities to include a residents social network. This allows everyone involved with a resident’s life – family, friends and additional care providers – to engage with their care.

Booth: #55 & 58
Contact: Rachel Ng

Email: rng@compliahealth.com
Website: Click Here

Procura – Australia’s Aged and Community Care Professionals’ Partner in Excellence
Procura offers deep and fully integrated functionality covering the complete care journey for the disabled and the elderly. Our solution covers the care provision in the community to retirement villages to residential high care through a single client record.
This foundation delivers a single client record which in turn is part of the core ingredients to provide integrated client management, improved care provision and better care outcomes for residents and clients.
Procura is the leading global provider of software and solutions to aged, community, disability care and residential care providers. Procura’s offerings are focused on enhancing back office efficiency, scheduling, and coordinating clinical care delivery for its customers’ field and care workers. Procura licenses its products in the US, Canada, and Australia to over 2,300 customer sites that manage care for over 1.71 million clients in the community.
Procura is designed with the end-user in mind.
Following a role-based approach delivers an individualised, task-oriented user experience allowing users to easily customise and automate tasks based on their preferences and workflows.
Customisable home pages called ‘role centres’ display Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and summaries of key business areas using graphs, reports and tasks that are associated with a user’s role in the organisation.


LASA Leader’s Dinner Sponsor             
Booth: #133
Contact: Lissie Lyons

Email: LissieL@providerassist.com.au
Website: Click Here

Provider Assist – Australia’s Aged Care Business Performance Specialists.
When an Aged Care organisation has the passion and the tools to run an optimised, efficient, and leveraged business model it has what it needs to ensure that every older Australian receives the Care, Dignity and Quality of Life they deserve. Provider Assist provides the tools and services that educate, leverage & optimise Aged Care organisations in order to achieve clinical excellence and financial viability.

Booth: #66
Contact: Derek Lamb

Email: Derek@pushmybutton.co.nz
Website: Click Here

HappyOrNot is the globally-recognized and trusted 4 Smileys capture the satisfaction levels of your consumers and employees in just seconds. Our feedback collecting Smileys and data analytics solution will help Aged Care facilities comply with the new aged care Quality standards. HappyOrNot will help organisations engage their residents, families, and staff, receive feedback and validate the quality of care with minimal effort and cost. Push My Button are the official resellers of HappyOrNot in Australia and New Zealand.


Booth: # 134
Contact: Viki Zirogiannis

Email: office@qpsbenchmarking.com
Website: Click Here

QPS Benchmarking provides organisations with a comprehensive Quality Management Framework, comprising of an Advanced Reporting System, Key Performance Indicators and evidenced based data collection tools aligned to the Standards.
The QPS advanced electronic reporting system provides a risk-based approach to managing business performance and driving quality improvement. This highly interactive electronic reporting system identifies risks at both the corporate and site-specific levels, providing an efficient and transparent corporate and clinical governance reporting structure and system.

Booth: # 131
Contact: Scott Goulter

Email: sgoulter@qhealthcare.com.au
Website: Click Here

Quantum LegioGuard is the leader in sanitised cold and warm water for health and aged-care facilities. Our innovative technology is proven to remove legionella and other bacteria from potable water systems in an energy efficient manner.
The prevalence of Legionella and other bacteria in water distribution systems world -wide and the ever-increasing challenges to combat their presence, are all too familiar problems within the healthcare sector. Aged-care facilities and hospitals are burdened with increasing legislative requirements related to water risk management, whilst endeavouring to limit capital expenditure and on-going maintenance costs.
Current Legionella control methods have been largely unsuccessful, requiring extensive on-going maintenance and are generally cost prohibitive.  Quantum LegioGuard has two available solutions;

  • LegioGuard – energy efficient water distribution systems that offer a 100% solution for controlling Legionella in new developments and retrofit applications, with reduced running costs, and
  • Quantum Flush – an organic, non-toxic flushing product proven to eradicate Legionella Pneumophila, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, E.coli and other pathogens in water pipe systems. Organic alternative to high-strength chlorine flushing or high temperature hot water flushing.

We would welcome the opportunity to present how Quantum’s products can be of benefit to any Aged Care facility and their upcoming projects.


Booth: # 42
Contact: Carolyn Koch

Email: carolyn@therowdygroup.com.au
Website: Click Here

RAA has come a long way sincebeing founded by a small group of motoring pioneers in 1903. Our solutions cover Security (personal, aged care, home and business monitoring and systems), Motoring, Insurance and Travel.
RAA are a member of PERSA and ASIAL amd have been providing monitoring and product solutions to customers for over 20 years. With a focus on monitoring systems, we currently have 35,000 monitored customers nationally. This includes 8,000 emergency call systems for over 75 retirement villages Australia – wide.

Booth: # 22
Contact: Jamie Smith

Email: jsmith@aspenmedical.com
Website: Click Here

Is your aged care facility located in a rural or remote area? You may be eligible for Australian Government-funded support to help alleviate the pressure of finding a temporary replacement when your valuable healthcare team member goes on leave.
You will be given all the support needed to recruit, screen and place a highly experienced locum health professional that can hit the ground running from the moment they arrive.
Our unique program is subsidised by the Australian Government so that all you need to worry about is ensuring your community receives ongoing healthcare during your colleague’s absence. This means that there are no fees and your organisation only pays for the cost of hiring a locum for the duration of the leave period i.e. their wage, superannuation and any applicable taxes. We help to alleviate the pressure even further by arranging and paying for the temporary health professional’s travel and accommodation.
Interested in becoming a locum? For every rural and remote placement, you not only receive complimentary travel and accommodation, but you also receive an incentive allowance of $150 per working day and a $100 per day meals allowance.

For more information please visit www.rurallap.com.au or freecall 1800 Rural LAP (1800 18725 527).


Booth: # 88
Contact: John Vann

Email: John@safetyandmobility.com.au
Website: Click Here

Safety and Mobility have proudly supplied the aged care, disability, hospital and community care sectors Australia-wide for over a decade. Trust, quality and service is at the heart of what we do when it comes to providing the equipment you need.
Our innovative and unique equipment is produced to the highest quality, always with end-users and carers in mind. We continually reinvest in product research and development to ensure our equipment remains at the forefront of the sectors we service.
Safety and Mobility specialise in products for facility, hospital and community care environments, including aids and equipment for:

  • Bathroom and toilet
  • Daily living support
  • Diagnostics
  • Evacuation and safety
  • Falls prevention
  • Healthcare furniture and seating
  • Hospitality and facility services
  • Infection control and hygiene
  • Mobility
  • Patient handling
  • Pressure care
  • Ward and clinic

We support you to ensure the smooth running of your facility, enabling the highest level of care for patients and residents. Safety, compliance and efficiency are as important to us as they are to you.
Our passionate and highly skilled team are here to provide the equipment, solutions and service you require.


Booth: # 71
Contact: Daniela Karadimitrios

Email: DKaradimitrios@schiavello.com
Website: Click Here

The Schiavello Wellness Collection covers three broad areas: health care, elderly care and life sciences. Designed for special needs requirements, Schiavello Wellness products assist in the patient recovery process and support the crucial role that family and caregivers play. Schiavello’s projects include some of the world’s most recognised spaces, including public hospitals, private clinics, community and aged care facilities, and research institutions. We understand healthcare and its unique role in supporting the demands of an ageing population and the heightened awareness of a health conscious society. Creating places of comfort and addressing critical issues such as infection control, safety and privacy, we create positive, ergonomically sound work and administrative environments for these sectors. From patient, visitor and recovery chairs to daybeds, automatic lift recliners, bedside units, innovative storage systems and work bench solutions, our health specific furniture range suits a number of settings, including hospital administrative areas, laboratories, or patient, consulting and treatment rooms. In addition to our own health specific products, we have also aligned with international brands, including Very Wood, Moments, OFS Carolina and MAP, to broaden the Schiavello Wellness range.

Booth: # 129
Contact: Anny Tan

Email: atan@scj.com
Website: Click Here

At SC Johnson Professional®, we provide expert skin care, cleaning & hygiene solutions for industrial, institutional and healthcare users.
Our product range incorporates the Deb range of specialist occupational skin care products along with the well-known SC Johnson consumer brands enhanced for professional use and innovative specialist professional cleaning & hygiene products. Our purpose is to bring innovative, quality products and services to professional markets that rethink how people and organisations experience skin care, cleaning and hygiene; enabling implementation of standards that bring best practice and real benefits for our customers.

Booth: # 93
Contact: Dene Rowling

Email: dene.rowling@silvermemories.com.au
Website: Click Here

Silver Memories is a 24/7 nostalgia audio service for the aged delivered Australia wide by satellite. It is a proven music reminiscence therapy combining 1940s-70s music and era specific images which improves quality of life for older Australians and reduces agitation, particularly in people living with dementia. 
Buoyed by the former Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt’s Media Release recommending Silver Memories as a successful therapy supporting the government’s aged care strategy, Silver Memories continues to adopt new technology to further enhance its reminiscence therapy benefits for older Australians using age appropriate music and images.
The 2018 Department of Health Research Project on Silver Memories reported large statistically significant improvements in Quality of Life, Geriatric Depression scores and CMAI scores for Aggressive, Non-Aggressive and Verbally Agitated behaviours. This follows two earlier research projects by the University of Queensland that showed significant improvements for listeners to Silver Memories.

New Silver Memories Developments

Silver Memories Home Companion App  – In response to overwhelming interest, we are building a Silver Memories Home Companion App to enable the 2 million older Australians living in Retirement Villages or their own homes to enjoy Silver Memories’ proven clinical benefits and to help reduce social isolation often experienced in this group.
Silver Memories takes on the World – Silver Memories is expanding its Images Collections which are displayed on resident’s TVs while listening to our music. The images are a powerful adjunct to listeners’ reminiscence experiences. We have numerous Australian Image Collections and are now developing International Image Collections based on countries residents have visited, which will bring back many cherished memories for viewers.
To find out more about these exciting new Silver Memories’ developments, and provide feedback on our new App, please visit us at Booth 93


Booth: # NP11
Contact: Emma Allan

Email: emma@simplefoodapp.com.au
Website: Click Here

Simple Food Safety & Consumer Meal Ordering Software was developed by industry experts to provide an easy and effective solution for the aged care sector to effortlessly achieve food safety compliance, and successfully support consumer’s individual meal choices.

Booth: # 19
Contact: Ruby Johnson

Email: ruby.johnson@swiftmedia.com.au
Website: Click Here

Swift is a telecommunications and content solutions provider delivering a completely new in-room experience to your guests through our Digital Entertainment System. Our award winning technology provides bespoke solutions to enhance your residents’ experience ensuring they remain entertained and connected with the world.


Booth: # 56 & 57
Contact: Katrina Doney

Email: katrina.doney@health.telstra.com
Website: Click Here

Telstra Health is the largest Australian-based provider of software products, solutions and platforms for care providers in the hospital, health service, pharmacy, and aged and disability care sectors.
We connect health information, clinicians and consumers across and beyond this unique footprint.
Our clinical and administrative systems, health data analytics, population health solutions, and information exchange platforms help providers to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of the healthcare they deliver. We also enable clinicians to deliver care in new ways through our telehealth and consumer solutions.
Our goal is to improve lives through connected healthcare by enabling healthcare providers to integrate and personalise care. We are committed to providing digital health solutions that shape a connected future for healthcare.

Booth: # 60
Contact: Peter Phan

Email: peter@thebidetshop.com.au
Website: Click Here

The Bidet Shop has an enviable reputation in the Aussie bidet marketplace today. We supply what we consider to be the epitome in Bidet toilet seats, promoting only the best bidet brands throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Because the bidets we sell are technologically and aesthetically the best, they have been embraced by and are in use in government departments, health services, hospitals, leading hotels and of course they are the proud addition in thousands of Australian homes.

Booth: # 110
Contact: Lorrie Beattie

Email: lobeattie@dementia.com.au
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The Dementia Centre works to empower everyone from health professionals and managers to carers in the home to take action to improve quality of life for people living with dementia.
The Dementia Centres’ service offers evidence-based practice advice drawn from extensive and ongoing research programs, backed by experience in the field.

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Contact: Jo Bourke

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INS LifeGuard supplies innovative solutions comprising Personal Response, Medical Alarms and Nurse Call Hardware, Medical Services, Mobile Alarms as well as other specialised, tailored and unique Call Centre activities.  INS LifeGuard provides unique IP and wireless 3G and 4G based converged Medical Alarms, TeleHealth and Home Automation systems known as the LifeGuard SmartHome.  We exclusively employ qualified nurses to handle all alarms 24/7. Each client is also provided with access to our 24/7 medical information and chat line.  INS LifeGuard provides equipment and services to Retirement Villages, Community Care Organisations and are a contracted provider to Department of Veterans Affairs.


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Contact: Tegan Davies

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Employee wellbeing is critical for the aged care sector to continue to create better aging futures during, what will be, a time of significant industry reform. That combined with empathy fatigue, technological innovation, increasing competition and changing consumer needs, change is becoming the new normal in the sector.
At the oranges toolkit, we work with organisations to help their staff embrace change and be more resilient, agile and innovative in their thinking, so they can perform at their best. When staff are at their best, they are more engaged, productive and collaborative as a team.
We have worked with some of the most recognisable brands in Australia, including AusPost, DHL Express, Wesley Mission, Camp Quality, the Australian Institute of Sport, as well as Addsi HomeLiving, who support frail aged, living with dementia or a disability.
As Camp Quality’s social enterprise, 100% of the profits go towards supporting kids impacted by cancer in Australia.

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Contact: Khemany Ouk

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We are uniform experts who promise to deliver fashion forward, fit for purpose products, every time.

Total Image Group is an Australian owned family business that has been designing and supplying fit for purpose and fashion forward uniforms nationally since 2005. From custom and bespoke designs, to ready to wear solutions – we deliver the highest standard of quality from manufacture through to customer service. We have been trusted by many of Australia’s most loved brands to create a uniform range that uplifts staff, increases morale and drives home a consistent brand message.

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Contact: Andrew Smith

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Helping build a healthier future
This is our mission and  we have a core focus on engaging and supporting our valued senior populations with this emphasis. Through our partnerships with organisations such as Dementia Australia (educational content partner) Athletics Australia and Cycling Australia, we are working closely with aged care facilities to support the implementation of impactful programs  such as ‘Trip down memory Lane’  which is an innovative physical activity program supporting both mental and physical wellbeing of the resident combined with  staff training, evidence-based content and proven support framework to deliver impactful, enjoyable and sustainable programs really will make a difference.

Come to the stand to see this program in action.

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Contact: Vivienne Aitken

Email: vfrlan@hesta.com.au
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True Blue is Australia’s market-leading provider of premium, economical cleaning and hygiene solutions to the healthcare, hospitality, and industrial sectors. Established in Sydney in 1986, we are an independent Australian family business that is proud to manufacture, employ and support other businesses locally.


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Contact: Lisa Melton

Email: l.melton@unsw.edu.au

UNSW Ageing Futures Institute brings together globally leading knowledge and research capability in psychology, population health, social sciences, law, biomedical engineering, telehealth, social robotics, experimental arts and economics. We build on strong partnerships with government, industry, academic and community collaborators and bring an interdisciplinary approach to everything we do. Using a range of diverse research approaches and taking a life course view to ageing, we work with end-users and stakeholders from all walks of life and industries to drive a pro-active approach to ageing well. We aim to capitalise on this thriving ecosystem to develop new partnerships committed to the advancement of world-leading ageing research and real-world impact.


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Contact: Suzie Evans

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Vegepod is a Sydney based company with headquarters in Terrey Hills on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The company started in 2009 and has continued to be owned and operated out of Australia. The New Zealand operation began in 2015 and has enjoyed enormous success.
To cater to the growing demand from North America an office was opened in Lake Forest, California in 2017 that services Canada and the USA. In 2018 offices opened in the UK, Singapore and Portugal.
There was enormous interest in our products due to many factors including – shrinking yards, poor soil quality, watering, and the loss of general growing knowledge.
In 2013 we re-designed the product to become more retail friendly. It now packs down into a box that fits in any trunk or back seat of a car. Vegepod prides itself on providing the average person with a simple and easy way to grow vegetables at home, work and in the community.  Our garden kits are the most efficient and practical on the market today.
If you’re not growing chemical free, nutritional veggies for your family – you should be.


Vegepod Community Programs

Vegepod, in a formal collaboration with Southern Cross University and the Australian Federal Government, researched the therapeutic benefits of gardening in a range of settings including: preschools, schools, disability services, aged care, social housing, + physical and mental health rehabilitation services.
The research and use of Vegepods in these settings has meant individual programs have been developed ensuring those who may not normally have access to growing their own food, get growing, whilst also receiving all the benefits of therapeutic horticulture! The programs cater for all gardening levels and gardener ages, in any circumstance, in any location.
Tapping into the enormous knowledge around therapeutic gardening, the programs are evidence-based, person-focused and wellbeing centred. The benefits of gardening on an individual and societal level are immense and well known. They include lowering anxiety, lessening social isolation, building skills and bringing people together.

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Contact: Logan Ross

Email: logan.ross@vitalcare.com.au
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Vitalcare is an Australian pioneer in Nurse Call, Personal Monitoring and Aged Care technology. The company has been designing, manufacturing and installing systems since 1979 both in residential and community environments and is at the forefront of ongoing research and development in aged care and wellness solutions. These solutions include de-institutionalising Dementia care and patient tracking.
Our products use IoT (internet of things LoRaWAN) wireless technology and Cloud based services to provide highly innovative world class systems.
Vitalcare systems are used all over Australia in around 1,000 aged care facilities and hospitals and are now being exported.
We provide national 24 hour 7 day support of our products and systems through both company owned offices and a network of agents and distributors.
Vitalcare supports causes important to our customers and their clients. Variety, The Children’s Charity is Vitalcare’s nominated charity and the company and our staff support this worthy charity nationally.

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Contact: Alyssa Borja

Email: AlyssaB@vivir.com.au

Vivir Healthcare is the leading provider of healthcare solutions in the aged care sector and we have been providing allied health and nursing service solutions since our inception in 2000.
We aim to improve access to healthcare with our national clinical network, so that every person can continue to live a meaningful life, wherever they live. 
We connect with health care providers to deliver a tailored workforce assisted by Vivir’s dedicated support team, that enable us to make a difference together.
We enable our workforce to provide high quality and timely services through our national leadership network, industry knowledge and clinical governance.

We provide tailored outsourced workforce solutions through:

Managed Services 
Temporary and Permanent Recruitment Services 

We provide this across: 
Community, Residential, Disability, Hospital settings 
Allied Health, Nursing and Social Work 

Vivir complements these solutions with workforce planning tools, education and psychometric testing.


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Contact: Wendy Angley

Email: accounts@voda.com.au


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Contact: Viny Bhasin

Email: vinyb@wellnesslifestyles.com.au
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W&L delivers professional mobile healthcare services to improve the quality of life for older Australians. Providing a one-stop-shop for aged and community care across Australia, our 300+ staff offer the following allied health services:

• Physiotherapy
• Podiatry
• Occupational Therapy
• Dentistry
• Speech Pathology
• Dietetics
• ACFI Consultancy
• Online Learning

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Contact: Paul Martin

Email: paul@warnerinstitute.com.au
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Warner Institute has delivered nationally accredited learning programs since 2005. Our commitment to the Aged Care and Home & Community sectors is to develop support workers who are enagaged, empowered and positive who will confidently provide support to older people, including those living with disability and complex needs, enabling them to live the life they choose with dignity and the independence they deserve. Our nationally accredited learning programs encompass Individual Support, Ageing Support, Disability, Leisure & Health, Community Services and Leadership & Management.

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Contact: Gabi Rinaldi

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Recognised by numerous awards over many years, including the aged care industry’s ITAC Innovative Company of the Year, Webstercare offers a safe and complete medication management solution for aged care facilities. With more than 30 years of expertise, our gold standard Unit Dose 7® Webstersystem®, Portion-pak® system, MedSig® electronic signing, and ‘chart-as-a-script’ RxMedChartTM system, are designed to ensure the safest and best possible experience for your staff and residents. Webstercare has also been specially selected to be part of the Federal Government trial for electronic prescribing, where we are currently refining our own paperless charting system.

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Contact: Fiona Taylor

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Westpac is Australia’s oldest bank and company, one of four major banking organisations in Australia and one of the largest banks in New Zealand. We provide a broad range of banking and financial services in these markets, including consumer, business and institutional banking and wealth management services.
Westpac Group’s portfolio of financial services brands and businesses is focused on our vision, which is
“To be one of the world’s great service companies, helping our customers, communities and people to prosper and grow.”
From ensuring consumer customers can save and invest with confidence, to supporting the financial needs of small businesses, multi-national corporates, institutional and government clients, we put customers at the centre of everything we do.


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Contact: Mick McKeever

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At Winc we’re dedicated to supporting the uncompromising care you provide. We have decades of experience in delivering better. From the very simple to the highly complex, we can supply everything your facility needs, including continence aids, wound care, technology, furniture, cleaning chemicals and office products. Ultimately, we free you to do what you do best – taking care of your residents.


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Contact: Peter McKnight

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“In 1978, Ross McDonald and his love of barbecue brought Weber to the Australian population. Since then, we’ve loved working with the Australian people, sharing their passions, innovations and simple love for good barbecue food. People tell us they believe their Weber barbecue is an investment in a lifestyle choice. You get so much more than simply an amazing barbecue, cooking experience and incredible warranty guarantees. You get the best customer service team going around. They’re not just there in case something happens, they’re there to assist with cooking advice, general know how, and to listen to any and all suggestions you might have.
Built to last, your Weber will ensure you experience incredible food, and a lifetime of memories. At Weber, we’re a family that looks after our own. So, now that you’ve purchased your first Weber barbecue, all we want to say is welcome to the family, and to a lifetime of incredible experiences.”



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Contact: Sascha Ward

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Your Nursing Agency (YNA) is a 100% Australian owned and operated company, focused on providing the best level of support to healthcare staff. Our business was founded to improve on the services offered by other agencies and provide nursing staff with a caring and personal approach.
We employ and place Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, specialist nurses such as Midwives, Personal Care Workers and Health Support Staff in metropolitan and rural healthcare settings across Australia.


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Contact: Kim Gilbert

Email: kimg@zenithis.com.au
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Zenith is a youthful, energetic and creative insurance broking house specialising in the Aged Care industry. We are one of Australia’s foremost boutique insurance broker and have developed a range of specialist products and services specifically tailored to cater for the unique needs of the Aged Care Industry. Our team of specialist Aged Care insurance brokers provide insurance products and services to Aged Care clients throughout Australia.
As a result of our long term involvement in the aged care sector, we have developed an in depth understanding of the Aged Care Industry and would welcome the opportunity to discuss the benefits of our exclusive National Aged Care Facility supported by CGU Insurance.