Topic: Same resources, different systems, better results

Day: Thursday 22 October 2020

Time:  3:30pm-4:00pm AEDT



A study undertaken by Flinders University utilised a unique opportunity to examine the difference between a traditional and a more contemporary clinical documentation system in conditions that would amplify the collection of measurable data which has since been published on the royal commission website. Southern Cross Care (SA,NT & VIC)’ 17 sites were split in half, creating desirable conditions of measurement as 8 sites using their existing traditional clinical system were compared against 8 sites using Person Centred Software’s system.

The findings were extraordinary as the study highlighted the importance of a clinical systems impact on the same workforce and same resources with remarkable results including a notable 50% reduction in both falls from Q2-Q3 as well as pressure injuries from Q1 to Q2.

Care providers utilising the system have seen the impact of using technology which has been born out of the necessity to deliver a person centred experience for all those involved, consumers, staff and families. With some sites finding simple changes made possible given the nature of the platforms offering, had remarkable results. We will explore the way simple changes and a greater collection of information can assist our future workforce in making responsive decisions that ultimately benefit everyone involved and can even go as far as improving quality of life.

The conclusion we can come to from this is that a great workforce can only reach the potential that their systems allow them to reach with findings demonstrating the value of innovating our systems and looking forward to the future of technology.




Tammy has over 18 years experience in client engagement and strategic business development in the Health sector. With strong commercial acumen and stakeholder management skills, Tammy has specific expertise in pharmaceutical and medication management services across all modes of Community, retirement village, aged care & home care and has undertaken international research in best practice in this area. With a proven track record of success in building mutually beneficial partnerships with clients, Tammy’s most recent contribution to the sector has been heading the launch of Person Centred Software into Australian market. This has led to the development and Australianising of the global product which is known as the UK’s most popular digital care system. Tammy’s longstanding career within the sector and her most recent venture has provided her with specific expertise in product development, global partnerships, and the successful integration of other best in breed industry products.