Topic: Best in breed, industry experts and the future of integration in supporting aged care

Day: Friday 23 October

Time:  3:30pm-4:00pm AEDT


Industry experts offer the opportunity to provide a much needed solution to the changes and challenges the aged care sector has faced within the last few years, and most notably; the last twelve months. The changes to the new standards that were introduced late last year as well as the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic have demonstrated to us the importance of remaining agile, adaptive and responsive.
Person Centred Software, along with many providers in the field, dedicate their resources and expertise to develop their best in breed stand-alone product, from electronic medication management through to risk and governance offerings. Although end-to-end solutions will always have their place in any field, we believe there is evidence to suggest that in order to remain innovative and truly person-centred, collaboration with best-in-breed specialists are vital to avoid pertaining to a rigid status.
As no site and organisation is the same, we believe aged care providers should be liberated by the choice of customising their own selection of products that best fit their unique and individual needs.
One of the challenges the sector faces going forward is the ability to come together in a collaborative effort that goes beyond that of software integrations, to create a more user friendly experience for the providers we provide for. We will discuss how we are creating an ecosystem of care with best-in-breed organisations that are maximising time-saving within aged care facilities through the automation of admin tasks.






Tammy has over 18 years experience in client engagement and strategic business development in the Health sector. With strong commercial acumen and stakeholder management skills, Tammy has specific expertise in pharmaceutical and medication management services across all modes of Community, retirement village, aged care & home care and has undertaken international research in best practice in this area. With a proven track record of success in building mutually beneficial partnerships with clients, Tammy’s most recent contribution to the sector has been heading the launch of Person Centred Software into Australian market. This has led to the development and Australianising of the global product which is known as the UK’s most popular digital care system. Tammy’s longstanding career within the sector and her most recent venture has provided her with specific expertise in product development, global partnerships, and the successful integration of other best in breed industry products.