Topic: The interchange of knowledge and expertise, and the adaptation of overseas products in an Australian market 

Day: Tuesday 20 October 2020

Time:  1:30pm-1:50pm AEDT


The UK care sector’s most widely-used clinical software system, Person Centred Software, was brought to Australian shores in 2017 and has since been developed to meet the requirements of an industry that is exceptionally well versed in clinical expertise. The successful adaptation of international products in new environments is certainly contingent on the good relations between the two countries. The international relationship celebrates the interchange of knowledge, experience and innovation in creating product hybrids.

Innovation is not specific to a geographic location, however, cultural and economic factors create founding ideals that influence the creation of products in response to a variance of consumer needs. Person Centred Software was built on the core values to: liberate the workforce, personalise and humanise the residential aged care experience, and innovate traditional ways of doing things through intuitive and easily deployable technological innovations. These values have informed the ongoing development of the product and have propelled Person Centred Software into a global award-winning company, who are now considered as thought leaders within their field and invited to work with Government and industry specialists on projects revolutionising the aged care sector.

We will explore the challenges and benefits of adapting products for the needs of the Australian aged care industry and explain why we believe industry experts are the way to advance the sector forward.





Tammy has over 18 years experience in client engagement and strategic business development in the Health sector. With strong commercial acumen and stakeholder management skills, Tammy has specific expertise in pharmaceutical and medication management services across all modes of Community, retirement village, aged care & home care and has undertaken international research in best practice in this area. With a proven track record of success in building mutually beneficial partnerships with clients, Tammy’s most recent contribution to the sector has been heading the launch of Person Centred Software into Australian market. This has led to the development and Australianising of the global product which is known as the UK’s most popular digital care system. Tammy’s longstanding career within the sector and her most recent venture has provided her with specific expertise in product development, global partnerships, and the successful integration of other best in breed industry products.