Topic: AI in Aged Care: What does it actually take?

Day: Friday 23 October 2020

Time: 1:30pm-2:00pm AESDT


Much is made of the notion of “dignity and respect for care recipients”. But the research tells us that older people, like everyone else, are actually seeking “quality of Life” which is much more than dignity and respect.

Pride Living has extensive research on the motivators of people seeking home supports and the business models of a number of prominent providers of home-based services. We’ve identified a yawning gap between what providers are selling and what the research tells us people want to buy.

The field is wide open to providers who can align their home care business models so they meet the expectations of consumers. We calculate there is an untapped market that exceeds $3Bn per annum.

This session will explore the evidence that supports our analysis of the market and provide insights, based on case studies of how providers can build sustainable home care businesses that are more profitable, less dependant on Govt funding and that provide better outcomes for consumers


Kevin Fernandez, Partner and Head of Advisory Services at Novigi, is a next-generation industry leader, with a track record of building award-winning technology and strategic solutions for some of Australia’s most complex industries. He is a key contributor to the ongoing cycle of research and innovation that drives Novigi’s overarching vision and service offering. 

Kevin’s passion lies in taking a thorough and evidence-based approach to the problems faced by our clients. His goal is to work with all our clients to make the best possible use of modern techniques and technology with the aim of setting them up to thrive in a data-driven and increasingly automated future