Topic: Evidence and Data Based Workforce Management

Day: Wednesday 14 October

Time:  3:30pm-4:00pm AEDT


Organisations in the aged care industry are set up for success when they have access to accurate and actionable data. Workforce data provides insight into the trends that are unique to aged care employees and businesses, as well as those trends that appear across the continuum of care. Often patterns, outliers and abnormalities can fly under the radar during day-to-day operations, and so it is important to have the right tools in place to shine a light on areas of opportunity. These opportunities are the chance to better engage a group of staff, align the most productive patterns, ensure there isn’t any non-compliant behaviours and, most importantly, align the workforce strategy with the best care outcomes.

This session will uncover some of the most common and unexpected trends that we see with the help of advanced, artificially intelligent analytics. These data-driven insights equip aged care leaders with the information to make the most of their workforce and drive strategic outcomes. You will have the opportunity to grow your understanding of interpreting such data through the specific lens of aged care. Some of the visualisations that are surely to intrigue those looking to elevate their workforce and culture strategy to the next level include absence, overtime and compliance.

As an example, we will demonstrate the correlation between agency hours and the different types of employee absence. This visibility enables aged care to drive value-based care by minimising the expenses of additional labour costs and ensuring the best care is delivered to residents by skilled, competent employees. Join our session to hear which data and trends surprises Kronos aged care customers the most.





Todd Cresp have over 10 years’ experience in data science and workforce management. Through leading HR and operations functions at Apple, Godiva Chocolate and MYER, Todd developed an expert understanding of workforce management practices and how the power of analytics drives a successful workforce strategy. Joining the Kronos team as the lead Data and Analytics consultant, Todd works with clients in aged and healthcare, amongst a diversity of other industries. Working with business executives and frontlines managers, Todd supports organisations by helping them identify trends in their workforce data and apply workforce management foundations to achieve their strategic outcomes.