Topic: Clinical Governance, an enabler not a burden 

Day: Wednesday 21 October 2020

Time:  1:50pm-2:10pm AEDT


Our industry is a fledgling with the concept of clinical governance, and so what? Where does this concept fit in the face of a royal commission and a worldwide pandemic with significant impacts on aged care and clinical practice.

Is everyone really accountable for the delivery of good clinical care and isn’t that why we have the doctor/nurse director on the board?  The Royal commission have indicated this is an essential component of governance in an aged care organisation and we must get this right, led from the top down.  

The Aged Care Quality Safety Commission also seems to indicate that if you provide any regular service that involves care with clients who are deteriorating, you need a clinical governance framework and this goes beyond a framework sitting in a folder.

How then do we balance our focus in a world where other factors such as financial strain and non-compliances marry up with the need to ensure consumers are not harmed in care delivery and risk management is paramount to organisations culture.  Clinical Governance is a contemporary concept in care governance and is meant to be implemented as an enabler and not a burden, how then do we make sure this intent is not lost through the implementation journey.


Tracey is a Specialist for Residential Aged Care employed at LASA and is a Registered Nurse who holds a Bachelor of Nursing, Post Graduate Certificate in Intensive Care, Graduate Diploma Business (Management), Master of Business Administration and a Diploma with the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

She has over 30 years’ experience in health working in both Western Australia and Queensland holding appointments including Director of Nursing and Midwifery, Director Critical Care, Nursing Director Mater Adult Hospital, Nursing Director Thoracic Quaternary Services, Service Manager for Aged Care Integrated Services (comprised of Residential Aged Care Facilities, Aged Care Community Services, Independent Living Units), Senior Quality and Compliance Manager across national services in both the private and not-for-profit aged care sectors. 

She holds a ministerial appointment to the Nursing and Midwifery Board (Qld) and is an active member of the Australian College of Nursing having participated in publishing a position paper on unlicensed workers in healthcare environments.  In addition she holds membership with Women on Boards Australia. 

Tracey has a keen interest in Nursing Leadership and developing high performance teams able to achieve innovations and improve health outcomes for our community.